10 challenges for the year end…..

okay so i follow this blog ardently. and it’s partly the reason why  i decided to blog on the first place. to be more grateful about everything. even the small things.

so this is an idea i got from the rockstar diaries [blog link above]. and i loved it. 10 challenges i want to fulfill before the year ends. they seem simple but are probably harder than you think…..

(1) tell some one you love them.

(2) go out of your way for somebody without them knowing about it.

(3) pray for your loved ones everyday of the week. not for yourself.

(4) make something creative this christmas. it could even be a card.

(5) tell someone what you love about them and mean it.

(6) tell someone you’re sorry and mean it.

(7) visit a sick, old or sad relative.

(8) make a give list instead of a wish list and follow through.

(9) avoid saying anything negative for a day.

(10) re-connect with an old friend. even sending a text is enough.


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  1. April 23, 2013 at 12:32 pm ·

    I know what you mean about having a busy life It would be so nice to make wrinitg a daily job like you described.. I love having music on when I’m wrinitg too there’s something inspiring about it Good luck with your wrinitg!Keely

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