10 things you probably should know about my mum and dad…

this sunday my mum, dad and i spent the entire day together. we went for lunch (to francesco’s where we had pesto pizza, peri peri paneer pizza and tiramisu cupcakes) and then we window shopped (err okay shopped a little) and saw midnight’s children. it was so fun. can’t remember the last time i spent the entire day with them.

here are 10 things about my mum and dad…..

1. he gift’s her roses on her birthday. red roses. and still buys her valentines day gifts.

2. she sleeps in the living room almost 2 -3 times a week because he can’t sleep with the fan on. rest of the days she just bears the heat for him

3. they have been married 30 years.

4. their first ‘date’ was at kwality’s restaurant in worli. they still go on movie – lunch dates, after all these years.

5. when they fight, he’s almost always the one to apologize. even though sometimes it’s her fault.

6. he calls her every hour from work. believe me that is not an exaggeration. i have been witness  to that several times.

7. they love their children and would do anything in the world for them. and i mean ‘anything in the world’ literally.

8. they are best friends.

9. she loves salads and soup. he loves biryani.

10. after so many years of marriage they are still so much in love.

aren’t they adorable? i love them.


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