came across this concept of 100 happy days since it was all over my facebook. and i loved it!

why i haven’t come up with it my self is beyond me.

so instead of registering for it. i decided to cheat a little and just post a picture of what makes me happy everyday for the next 100 days on this blog {lets hope i stick to this?}. and also send it to a few of my loved ones {most of them living in the U.S.} .

it’s like a deal between us.

it also helps me stay connected with them. and updates me more about all the cool things they’ve been up to there. so far i’m loving all the pictures they’ve been sending me. because what makes them happy makes me happy too. it’s true.

so it’s a win win.

i’m on day 3 already.


^^ #day1 – this is a picture of this tyler knott gregson quote that i came across and which made me happy. it’s one of my favorites of his ^^


^^ #day 2 – and this is a picture of my amazingly cute but extremely mischievous cousins from new zealand chilling on my bunk bed. the expressions on their face when they finally made it ‘to the top’ was priceless. kids are my absolute favourite people. they always always have a way of making me happy ^^

week 1 of 2014 is up and as of now i’m actually liking it. a lot. not an average january feeling for me.

have you checked out 100 happy days yet? you should register. look around for small things that you should be grateful about but tend to over look.

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