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**secret santa 2014**


^^i totally agree with what’s mentioned above …..

..but i will not pretend that i wasn’t super happy when i received my secret santa gift this year.


^ ^diet coke cans in a plastic chanel bag. so appropriate ;) what was even more special about it was that it was given to me by the office computer guy. my office has become like a small family now. everybody seems to know EVERYthing about everyone. it’s the CUTEST.^^



2014 has been a good and bad year.

good because i dated and then got engaged to my soon-to-be husband. i’ve visited some beautiful countries with people who i love (spain, germany and austria) i’ve met some great new people and i’ve learnt so much – at work and other wise.

2014 may have been my hardest year yet. things have started to get serious.  i’ve realised that as we grow older life gives you more responsibilities and with that comes more pressure/ stress. which never really goes away. just dies down for a few days and then comes right back.

i’ve realised that nothing good comes easy. and whatever good you have in your life, you have to work constantly to maintain. may it be your relationships and/ or even your work status. life is not all roses and rainbows and people with good/ right intentions don’t always triumph {you’d think i’d have learnt that already considering im 27 right?? but i’m a bit naive it took me a WHILE to get here}

looking back it may not have been ALL good. and it brought with it few of my hardest days. but it’s most definitely prepared me. toughened me. and made me stronger – to face all the years that are to come.

breakfast at zoe

my friend surabhi is in town. while she isn’t here, she’s busy studying business at the columbia business school in new york city.

we had a stay over at home {like old times} and stayed up late talking about all that we had been upto this past year. and all the new people we’d met and got to know {more her than I}

then we got up really early and went to cafe zoe for breakfast.

ate the sun-dried tomato pesto with poached egg on rye toast {SOO good}, scrambled eggs, the traditional liege waffle and the banana and nutella smoothie.

it was so much fun catching up with her and listening to all her B – School stories.

it was almost as if she’d never left.

i’ve missed her. and meeting her after all this time made me realise about how grateful i am to have such inspiring, positive and smart people like her in my life.




p.s. reading/ watching the news this past week has been disturbing.

it’s shocking how inhuman we as a race our capable of being. scary almost. how a few of us, who have reached the point of no return, are capable of causing such a great capacity of harm to the rest of our race.

i find myself feeling guilty at how little i did to help.

or how easy it is for us to get back to our routines right after. is there a way we could make a change?

that’s something i need to think about. something we all need to think about.


yesterday Adi and i ‘participated’ in the Mumbai Pinkathon.

if you’ve been reading my blog you may already know what pinkathon is. but just in case you haven’t, its a breast cancer awareness women’s run that takes place in mumbai every year around december.

this year there were 10,000 women who participated. including visually impaired women. there was also an entire school that participated. it wasgreat to see SO much enthusiasm THAT early in the morning.

they also had a zumba class. to bollywood music.

Adi participates at the pinkathon almost every year. he gifts teddy bears and vouchers to the winners of the run.

although the hardest part of the event is managing to get up at 5 am on a sunday morning, it’s totally worth the effort.





^^ that’s A on stage gifting his teddy bear, can you spot? ^^

because what screams december louder than a wedding post right?


^^ LOVE these guys. they are the fun-est ^^


^^ we’ve been best friends for almost 16 years now. can you tell we’re in love??^^


^^ we’re wearing similar outfits because it was a cricket match function. and we were on the girl’s team. thought i should clarify. in case you care to know^^

this is my lame albeit well meaning attempt to add a dash of december to this blog.

all work and no play makes bluebaydiaries a dull place to be in.

and we wouldn’t want that..

the nutcracker

i’ve had such little time to update this blog this past week.

work has been CRAZY (double caps) every time i think it can’t get busier ..the law just somehow finds a way to prove me wrong.

so there goes my december …

{it took me long to accept it’s going to be this way ALL month. but i think i’m there now}

in other news i’ve been watching a lot of sex and the city lately.i feel bad i dint get to IT before. carrie writes so well. she gives you so much to think about at the end of each episode. other than the fact that it’s mostly all BOY related, i like it. if i’d seen it earlier, like the rest of the world, i’m pretty sure she would have been my inspiration to blog {only i dont think i can be as candid as her…right?}

last weekend in the few minutes that i got free {;)} we tried out this new place in fort called the nutcracker.





it’s a cute little – hole in the wall – place right ahead of ayub’s {the roll-wala} at kalaghoda.

we tried a lot of things on the menu.

not necessarily in the following order:

buttermilk pancakes – HUGE fan

grilled cheese with jalapenos – skip, NOT a fan

mushrooms on toast – it was ‘kay

salted caramel and banana smoothie – it was ‘kay

black bean burger – FAN

bagel with cream cheese – FAN

cold coffee – skip.

but all in all,you should check this place out if you’re in kalaghoda or work there. its really cute. and their breakfast items seem amazing {i’ve heard}

…..hope your weeks been better than mine.

fingers crossed for the weekend!


also …..


ummm hello my favorite month of the year!

i hope you live up to my sky high expectations.

{like you almost always do}

i’ve decided and promised myself to make each and every day this month a special one.

happy december guys! xoxo

looks i love this season <3


just shopped this look on asos this weekend. am in love with it. can’t wait for it to get here!


last month was hard for me work wise. not more so because of the hours but just because of the environment at work.

found my self re-thinking about a lot of my career decisions/ choices.

but then thanksgiving week came in and it felt like something just smacked me.

i could spend all the hours in the day being disappointed or complaining but then that’s just very exhausting and honestly i’m pretty sure my friends and family don’t like hanging with me any more ;) instead if i really think about it i  have SOO much more to be grateful about.


^^ like this crazy good family of mine. i love them. and wish i could be celebrating thanksgiving with them.^^

i’m also thankful for the weekend that’s almost here ;), for ‘A’ for always always teaching me the right thing to do, not giving up on me and making me a better person, my salary {because right now.. that’s the only good thing i take away from my job ;)}, for bollywood music and the fun late night drives with my friends where we’ve sang aloud – not in tune {it’s just SO DE-stressful} and lastly i’m thankful for my phone that’s is perfectly working no matter how many times i’ve dropped it and how many cracks it has suffered all over. it just refuses to give up on ;)

happy friday! xoxo

hope we have the BEST weekend. xoxo

delhi (again)

last thursday we took a short trip to delhi. a work trip.

it was a 7 am flight so we got up pretty early. for the next three days we spent all morning and evenings and nights at meetings.

but i have a nice boss.

i told him how much i’d like to try out the delhi street food and how i’d missed on doing that the last time i went to delhi.

so one of the days.. when we were done by 9.30 pm {instead of the usual odd hours beyond midnight} he, another colleague and i tried out a dhaba nearby to our hotel {hotel suryaa. we went to new friend’s colony market which has a lot of out door places where you get great street food}

we had momos, black dal, jeera rice and paranthas. it was everything i’d been wanting to eat. and it such a good meal.

and to top that the weather in delhi was perfect outdoor weather. slightly chilly but not too cold.

most office/ work trips involve way too many hours of work for my liking. but meals like these and outings like these {no matter how short they are} are moments you remember the most when you look back. and somehow makes it all worth it.




^^ the shadow is of my hands. freaky, i know. but i had to get a picture of the food in here^^

quarter-life crisis

read this really good article on 25 things you should know by the time you turn 25 and i think it’s a pretty cool article…

few of my favorite lines from the article -

On being happy – “I thought I needed certain things to be happy. I eventually learned that we are the catalyst of our own happiness and it’s much easier to be happy than bitter

On protecting your dreams – “Don’t let anyone tell you your dream isn’t possible. People who are too scared to chase their own dreams will try to crush yours

On being confident – “Confidence is the key to becoming successful at pretty much anything in life

On failing – “If you really want something, you have to be willing to fail to get it

On traveling – “I don’t travel nearly as much as I’d like to, but every time I do, I make memories that I won’t soon forget and learn something about the place I visit, as well as about myself

On taking risks – “The biggest risk you can ever take is not taking any risks. Take risks while you’re young because as you get older and obtain more responsibilities, taking risks will become more, well, risky

and On family – “Your friends and family are everything. When everything else fails, your family will have your back

so much to learn from this.

currently craving <3

this bag from the new moschino collection  ….


^^ i mean you’ll do know about my love for Mac D right?? ^^