5 years today

how time flies.

today {which is a fairly light work day} I got several linked in pop up emails with some of my ex colleagues congratulating me  on my ‘work anniversary’. I clicked on the links out of curiosity – what work anniversary was this? it had only been 10 months since I joined Platinum. the link connected me to my work anniversary here {I had added the url of this blog  to my linked in page a long time ago}. then it hit me, I started this blog  5 years ago, today.

I still remember typing out my first blog post those many years ago. at a different desk on a different computer. I was so passionate about this little project. it was something I had been thinking about for so very long. it was like my very own online diary – noting down all the events, days and moments of my life which I didn’t want to forget. at some point I even wanted to make a career out of it {I still wouldn’t mind actually, if that could work ;)}

SO much has changed since. I’ve moved houses and jobs and met new people. I still look through the blog posts and feel so grateful for all of my experiences {a big reason I started this in the first place – is gratitude}

over time blog posts have appeared less often. but they haven’t stopped. haven’t let go of this domain name and don’t plan to.

my new year resolution for 2017 amongst several others was to blog more. and I plan to stick to it. even if it’s probably a little to late in the year. that’s okay…

life right now? is all about my new job {which is not so new anymore}, oscillating between being overly ambitious on some days and a wanting to be a  house wife on others, marriage {so much to learn, such a long way to go}, family {trying to spend more time with my old and making an effort to get to know the new}, my absolutely adorable niece {who we ALL obsess over} and the moments in between – traveling, hanging with friends and just being.

other random facts/things ..

my new favorite gift to give  – {specially when you have limited notice} – ellipsis bakery -  you can order their glutton-free or multigrain products on scootsy and they deliver it at your doorstep within 20 mins all packed up.


my new favorite office snack – {albeit an unhealthy one}  I recently discovered my childhood favorite, Domino’s {Express Food} chocolate chip cookies on amazon and was ecstatic!

IMG_20170912_155527 (002)

my new favorite drink – mango orange green tea at café zoe

new favorite pass time – playing mono deal with the husband post work

IMG_20170910_173609 (002)

new favorite thing to do ever – watching leheir’s videos on REPEAT.





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