8 am on non working Saturdays can be put to so much more use (rarely, but possible)

i’ve been wanting to go to madras cafe for breakfast for a while. but none of my friends want to get up at 7 am.

i did manage to bribe a friend to come with me on this saturday morning. i have no idea how i managed to do that¬†successfully.¬† more often than not, i’m not very successful with my bribing attempts.

it was republic day. we bot flag pins and put them on our tees. i have this thing where i need to buy flag or flag related things on republic day. we’re pretty patriotic like that.

after 20 mins of waiting we finally got ourselves a shared table. we had idli, upma pudi, mysore sada dosa (crispy) and rassam wada. delicious and healthy too ( ignore the huge pepsi bottle that we had along with our meal)

and believe me, 8 am on a saturday has never been this good. the powder chatni in madras cafe is so good that i even bought my mum two packets.

have you been? its a must try.

after our breakfast (brunch?) i went back home and fell asleep for a few hours.

happy republic day ! xoxo



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