a birthday celebration i wish i was a part of….


she is the funniest person i know without even meaning to be. and i mean that in the nicest way

she travels more than anyone else i know and is a such a chiller in spite of being in her 50s.

she is the only person who still sends me jokes, forwards and motivational quote messages everyday in an attempt to make me laugh/ smile while i’m at work.

she is everyone’s favorite in the family, without a doubt.

she worries about us more than anyone else i know in the world {this one time when i was in budapest and she couldn’t get through me for a few hours she must have called every single person i know in mumbai and even fought with my sister just to get through to me and to know that i’m safe}

happpppy birthday mum! i love you and wish i was with you and the rest of the family right now <3

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