a day with the family

i spent sunday with my parents. we went to picante which is a new mexican restaurant at breach candy for lunch and after to crosswords to stock up on books.

at picante we had the burrito bowl, soft tacos, bean and cheese enchiladas and the tostadas salad. the ingredients were fresh, of good quality and lets just say we weren’t disappointed with the food. specially because we’ve always liked mexican.

also, during lunch i realised that with work, friends, traveling and other commitments i don’t end up spending as much time with my parents as i should, or as i want to. and i know they feel the same way but avoid bringing it up because that’s how understanding they are. that’s the thing about my parents, they always give and give expecting nothing or very little in return.

SO anyway to make up for all the lost time this year we’ve decided to go to udaipur on my dad’s birthday this december. just the three of us.

i can’t wait to spend some quality time with them because if there’s one thing i learned yesterday, it’s how spending time with my family always puts things into perspective and makes me a happier, better person.

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