a little life

have spent all of last week reading the ‘shortlisted man booker prize, 2015′ contender – a little life by hanya yanagihara.


i was looking forward to reading it all month after having read a review somewhere on the internet, but had to leave the novel halfway through {more towards the end actually} as it got too depressing for my liking.

i was keen on reading a little life as i had heard that it was a story mainly centered around a brilliant lawyer. living in new york city. and about the hidden trauma he dealt with in his childhood. i expected the childhood trauma to be some what like what theo {the protagonist} dealt with in the goldfinch by donna tartt, i did NOT expect it to be as gruesome or disturbing as it was. not even close.

a first time for me. however i do not regret having read it. there were bits of it which i loved and left me hooked into the wee hours of the night.

often i find myself so consumed by the books i read that it tends to take over my life for those few days. i relate my life to some of the events in the book. and i try to relate to the characters in the book. but why i would decide to read something like this  so close to my wedding is beyond me ;)

in other news {positive for a change} i am LOVING notice period and the freedom and confidence that comes with it. and i’ve already mentioned that before here on the blog. but i want to remember and value every single minute of this time. before things get hard again. so i will continue posting about it ;)

also loving the pre-wedding prep time. my sister always said that looking back these moments will always be the best ones. better than your wedding even. well i don’t know about that yet but i will try to cherish this time as much as i can.

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