a perfect wedding weekend

i’ve finally figured the ingredients required for ‘the perfect weekend’ recipe {*applause*} try it … it is seriously the best recipe i’ve come across ;)

1) the beach. when has one ever gone to a beach destination and not enjoyed again?? because if you ask me .. beach = a it’s always a good time;

2) the sweetest wedding. after attending this wedding, it’s official that a christian beach wedding is the best kind of wedding there is. i might be even considering marrying a christian to make this happen for me..{no really}

3) friends. i have the best. tired of hearing that already? sometimes i can’t help gloating. they are just SO fun. and sweet and nice. and constantly looking out for each other. when did i get this lucky???

4) a good vibe. this wedding had such a fun good vibe. majority of the attendees were young and filled with this crazy energy that i haven’t really witnessed before.

So now if you haven’t got it already goa this past weekend was perfect. we stayed at the royal orchid beach resorts. and the wedding {bhakti + joy’s} we attended was superbly planned.

also dance karaoke?!? it’s my new favorite thing to do in the world. seriously. oh and floating lanterns are just so pretty {even though mine did crash few seconds after it went up}

…. back in mumbai now and also back to work.

but i do feel like i just came back from a different planet. need to look at the pictures 269 times a day to believe the weekend actually happened {ya, it was THAT good}

happy week xoxo

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