About Me

Helloo i’m kosha, a full time lawyer and part time blogger. I live in mumbai with my best friend/ husband and blog about life, travel and all things nice! i’m determined to keep at it weekly (or as often as I can).

Here goes nothing …..

Why did I decide to blog?
I started following a few blogs (bluebird, rockstar diaries, cup of jo etc.) and got hooked to them immediately. Reading them made me look at my life differently,  more positively than I did before and helped me be more grateful in general. Also I love my life (most of it anyway) and thought I should document it, to look back and see how iv lived (and MAYBE show my kids someday ;p)

What is my blog about?
It is a lifestyle blog about nothing in particular. about my life. fashion (coz i’m very fond of it as most people who know me would know), food (ditto) and just about anything i feel like blogging about.

What do I do for a living?
I am a lawyer. i work with a corporate law firm, which pretty much takes up most of my day and LIFE (i kid!). but i have always wanted to do something on the side, something that i’m passionate about (not that i’m not passionate about LAW. i am. really! as passionate as one can really be about law ;))

My family.
I live with my husband/best friend in mumbai. we met in November 22, 2013 at a friend’s wedding in Goa, got engaged on July 6, 2015 also in Goa, and got married on November 28, 2015 in mumbai. i also have the best family one could ask for {no seriously, not being biased} half of who live in san francisco, USA. but we try to meet as often as we can.