After all this time, it seems to me like straight and fast is the only way out- but I choose the labyrinth. The labyrinth blows, but I choose it

for those people who haven’t read looking for alaska, by john green, you probably won’t get the title. but it’s one of my favorite lines.



read an article on huffington post the other day and it made me realize that SO much of how we look at our lives is determined by the pictures and posts on our facebook home page.

No seriously.

Every time we’re on facebook or instagram or any other social media site we find ourselves thinking about how our life isn’t fun enough, we aren’t thin enough or we just don’t seem travel enough.

everyone else seems to be getting it all right. Where exactly did we get stuck on our path to the ultimate blissful Facebook life?

i’m guilty of that on many occasions. more now than earlier. i used to be so much more content. i find it harder now. harder to be content or just plain happy.

these times – these active social media times – have made us all become people who want more and who expect more. superficial things mainly. because let’s be real.. how many of us put up pictures of a job well done, at work ? or spoken about the times when we’ve had a really nice, long conversation with our loved ones?

in an attempt to change that ‘non – content’ part of me i’ve decided to cut down my use of social media considerably. No more of logging on to my instagram or facebook account every hour. Because really.. see where has that gotten us?

instead i’m going to exercise more. work more. spend time building relationships with friends and family. oh and read. lots and lots {preferably john green books}

because if there’s one thing that I’ve started to realise in my journey of  being more grown up it’s >> my life may not be perfect. Far from it even. but i’m learning to love it. just for the way it is.

and the labyrinth, yes it may blow. but not only do i choose it, i’m going to learn to love it.


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