Amby Valley 2.0



just got back from our long weekend in amby valley city. our friends have a beautiful house on the hills and it was great to escape the hot, sticky mumbai weather for a few days.

the air out there is so fresh and delicious and you don’t even realise it till you’re back in this city and breathing mumbai air.

it was great catching up with friends, relaxing, playing board games and eating all the food in the world. amby never fails to impress.

this time we even rode ATVs. which was my favorite part of the weekend. since i can’t drive {?!} ATV is the closest i come to driving a car.

i also tried a few games of play station with A and i finally get why he’s so obsessed with his PS. it’s addictive!

i am so glad tha,t after much contemplation, i decided to take time off from work before the D day. i feel significantly happier and lighter. and have all this extra time to spend with friends, family and more importantly myself.








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