what a city.

and what a vibe.

i want to pack my bags and go right back! and live there for a few months at least. till i get enough of it. if that ever happens.

also i think it has the potential to be A’s favorite city in the whole world. i know his tastes. and i’m pretty sure he’d be willing to move there with me ;)

i spent three whole days in amsterdam and they were FAR from enough.

there’s so much more i need to see and do there. but time wasn’t with me.

this part of the trip was an extension of our offsite and only a few colleagues and i stayed back longer.

and boy was i glad we made that decision. the four hours our office had planned there would have never been enough….




the most important decision that we made ‘right’ was staying at the bulldog. bulldog is to amsterdam, what taj mahal palace and towers is to mumbai. iconic ;)

no seriously. i wouldn’t have stayed anywhere else. no 7 star/ 5 star hotel could replace my experience staying here.

places i loved in particular were the dam square which was a 2 minute walk from our hotel, the shopping street right off the dam square {next to madame tussaud} the vondelpark, the rembrandt square, van gogh museum and the souvenir shop next door to the muesuem, the red light district {which is what is so unique to amsterdam} and the central station area.








IMG_20150409_180918 IMG_20150409_181116




the good places we ate at were majestic where we had the grilled chicken sandwich and the nachos {see pic above},  the mexican where we had the grilled chicken with rice, which i totally recommend {see pic above} tio pepe {where i totally recommend the bean soup!} and the bulldog coffeeshop {just for its vibe}

all in all its a city which has it all, beauty, history, great art, some REALLY fun things to do {read: coffeeshops and red light areas ;)}, clubs and even great shopping. there’s so much more i wish i could have covered but i am ever so grateful for the little time i had here.

amsterdam  Рyou were great ! i will be back soon, longer this time..

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