and had a really really really good time..

incase you  haven’t figured by now.  ‘and we danced’ by mackelmore was our trip song. oh and balam pichkari. we love listening to bollywood so much more when we are in a foreign place. it’s like comfort music.

Day 3 and 4.

we went to checkpoint charlie. i.e. the last few remaining potions of the berlin wall and my phone got STOLEN at a japanese restaurant there. but that’s not something i’d want to remember so ..

Berlin has such a rich history. the world war II, the holocaust, the ‘death camps’ and of course the division of east and west berlin. it was interesting to read and learn about it all. every time i hear about how the jews were treated, tortured and how much they had to suffer back then, it makes me so much more grateful for the life i live. we all live. how little we think of our freedom to live, to travel or to do just about anything and how valued it was back then.

.. On day four we lunched at cafe pranzler and vapiano. we had pesto pasta {no surprise there}. and then went to viktoriapark and lazed in the park for hours {which by the way is my new favorite thing to do}. played word connection, which both karishma and saloni can’t play to save their lives by the way ;) and people watched. near the park there is this super famous falafel place called mustafa’s. i could swear the line there was a kilometer long. haven’t seen that any where else in berlin. must check it out.

then we had dinner at a mexican restaurant que pasa at glendenmarket. the waiters were indian so we got free drinks :o. have i mentioned we love indians all over the world? a lot.

at night we tried to get into berlin’s best night club. the berghain. and then this other night club the week – end. which they say is on the entire weekend till the sun comes up on monday… both of them were however too dark for me. if you know what i mean {??}. but it was a fun night anyway.

despite it’s dark, grungy and quirky side, we loved berlin and we left the city with a more grateful heart…

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