and we laughed …

and so it continues.

Day 2

we started our day at 6 am coz we’d slept so early and the jet lag i guess {do you even get jet lagged in europe? i’m not so sure}

we decided to cycle today. everyone in berlin cycles. a lot. it seems to be their preferred mode of transfer. we hired bicycles from our hotel and cycled all the way to brandenburg gate. i will not even attempt to write about the amount of times we lost our way. i blame it on not knowing german. or even being able to pronounce half the names. also the amount of times saloni got shouted at by people on the road because let’s face it that girl does not like following traffic rules :) {once she almost got hit by an old german lady, i kid you not}

on reaching brandenburg gate, we did most touristy thing there is. yes the hop on hop off bus! while on it we saw almost everything there is to see in berlin. the reichstag, the potsdamer platz, berlin wall, check point charlie, mueseum island and the works.

we got off at the berlin zoo {because i’d heard that it has the largest variety of species of animals in the world} and spent the afternoon at the zoo. i can’t remember the last time i’ve been to a zoo before this. it was a different kind of fun. specially with all the cute white kids around. i think i took more of their pictures than pictures of the animals. because let’s just say animals… not THAT cute.

we had lunch at ku’damm. ate at a roadside falafel place {berlin is known for its falafels. there’s a falafel cart in every corner} Ku’damm is one of the best shopping districts in berlin. forever 21, bershka, zara, urban outfitters, pull and bear, h and m, you name it, are all there.

after a little of bit of shopping {okay a lot of shopping} we got back into the hop on bus and sat through all the other sites of berlin till we got back to brandenburg gate, hopped off and cycled back to the hotel.

and as if our day wasn’t touristy enough already .. at night we did the alternate bar crawl. almost everyone who has been to berlin had suggested it. it was a crazy experience. met so many different people from all over the world. and went underground bar hopping starting from¬†yesterday’s bar at prenzlauer burg {that by the way is the place where all the nice bars in berlin are}

i think by the time we got to the fourth bar {which was a ping pong bar, and there were 100s of young intoxicated berliners playing ping pong at 2 am! how they do that is beyond me} we were pretty beat and took a taxi back to the hotel and passed out.

such a looong day ! but strangely it seemed to pass by in seconds..

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