another bridal shower…and poco loco

on saturday we had one more bridal shower to attend. wow. way too many wedding this year? i wonder how next year will be…

we started swetcha’s bridal shower at a friend’s house where we gifted her a bridal shower basket (unfortunately the contents of which i cannot put down in this blog. though email me and i shall tell you. it’s a great wedding gift) and specially designed cup cakes (check picture) and then went to irish house at lower parel. we had all these games planned for her and surprisingly she was sporty enough to do all her dares!

i’ve always liked a sporty bride-to-be.

it was such a fun night. any now that i think of it..i hope there are many more bridal showers to come ;p

yesterday my friends and i decided to try out this new spanish restaurant in bandra called poco loco. by my friends i mean ananya and surabhi. its right next to toto’s garage pub. it is such a cute little restaurant. we had their sunday sangria brunch (which cost us rs. 999/- each). the food was different, good different. we had stuffed mushrooms, mozzarella bread, grilled veggies, paella and some other spanish tapas, the names of which i cant pronounce or even remember (one that tasted a lot like cheese and spinach cannelloni, which btw  i loved) and the cheese platter (my favorite).

for dessert there was a cup cake tower! and one of the better red velvet cakes i have tasted in the city. i will definitely go back again. soon-ish.

writing about my weekends on a monday morning actually makes monday so much better. you should try it too.

also my only worry this monday morning is deciding what i should eat for breakfast that isn’t v fatty. and THAT is the best kind off worry.

so monday’s off to a good start.

happy monday!! xoxo


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