since we are here and i’m back at this, realized that i am YET to post about the trip to south of france my friends and I did last year.

we started off planning a trip to Malta, as it has always been a place we’ve wanted to visit. But due to flight availability restrictions we chose to go to south of France instead.

started our trip at Nice, went to Antibes from there and then our final stop was St. Tropez. Visited lots of other places close by too, while staying in Antibes. It was the most amazing time, and seems even more so now – because we really do not know when we will be able to travel next.


we chose antibes as a base as we heard its fun, and equidistant to most of the other places we had planned to visit while we were in France. Booked a cute little hotel (Miramar) in Cap d’Antibes right by Plage de la Garoupe – which is a beautiful secluded beach in Cap d’Antibes.

in Antibes, we did a walking tour all around the old city and Juan Les Pins, the fort and the beaches. we also experienced the Jaun Les Pins nightlife.

During our time in Antibes, we also visited Cannes, Monte Carlo, and Eze village.

my favorite of them all being Monte Carlo. that place is really something else. beautiful and tiny but SO glamorous. all the views from just about anywhere in the country are picture perfect. unfortunately the day we visited it was raining so we had to spend most of our time indoors at an italian restaurant. but bonus! the italian dishes in monte carlo are SO delish.

our favorite meal in France by far was really at the coffee shop kari and I chanced upon at Juan Les Pins where we had coffee and fresh croissants. I mean how can you visit france and NOT binge on croissants and coffee??

here is our time in pictures, with restaurant recommendations

Day 1

landed in the evening (flight via Istanbul), checked into our hotel. walked by the beach to Juan Les Pins (which we thought was walking distance), halfway through we realised it was too far to walk and got a cab instead. it was saturday night and juan les pins was buzzing. we bar hopped a little, went to a night club which looked tiny from the outside but was surprisingly huge inside, met some fun people, and took the cab back to the hotel when we were done.




^^ also visited a really fun bar called pam-pam, which is a must visit, if you do happen to be in Juan Les Pins. ^^

Day 2 – Cannes

swam in the beach (Plage De La Garoupe) opposite our hotel in the morning (had coffee and croissant for breakfast, of course) and visited cannes in the evening, which is a 30 minute cab ride away from Antibes. visited the cutest Italian restaurant on the Cannes promenade and it was definitely one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever eaten. At night, we also had a brilliant meal at a highly recommended restaurant by our hotel. Le Jardin Du Cap.



^^ la plage de la garoupe ^^

IMG_20190908_094217 (1)

^^ coffee + croissants ^^



^^ us at the beach ^^






^^ cannes!! and our favorite italian meal in cannes ^^


^^ our meal at le jardin du cap ^^

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