February 2019

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Galle Again..

there are some cities which when you visit you know you will find your way back to. galle was one

Writing + around here lately

I have been meaning to blog more often. Its been added to my list of new year resolutions once again.

August 2018

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amsterdam again

i knew i had to come back to this city the minute i even stepped foot in amsterdam. the city

Lake District

since we had around 15 days in the UK we decided to club london with another place around. at first

July 2018

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London (Continued)

what i love doing almost as much as i like traveling to places is writing about my experiences of the

touchdown in London town

A and i had gone to santorini, greece last summer to celebrate the wedding of our close friends Neil and

November 2017

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colombo and last day at the best villa ever

I loved Colombo. at least the little that we saw. and specially the galle face hotel. might go there again


we spent three whole days here. our trip, as was unanimously agreed by all three of us, was all about

sri lanka

two of my friends and I took a short weekend trip to sri-lanka last month. we went back and forth

September 2017

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5 years today

how time flies. today {which is a fairly light work day} I got several linked in pop up emails with

July 2017

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athens, a stark contrast from the rest of the places we visited in Greece, has its negatives and positives. few

on vacations and Paros

“Vacation is so often cast as a luxury now … a bourgeois game of Instagram tagging and food photos. But


Santorini was the expected highlight of our trip.  we had a wedding to attend, and A was meeting his university

June 2017

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“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came

the big fat greek wedding

okay it’s not really big, or fat even. but it’s a greek wedding {technically} after monthsss {6 to be exact}

February 2017

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back to the basics

starting a new job is hard. you have to adjust, adapt and prove yourself all over again. changing two jobs


i’ve had a technical issue and could not access the blog for a while. hence this long over due post.

November 2016

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“Death is a strange thing. People live their whole lives as if it does not exist, and yet it’s often

carmel, monterey and the big sur

during our trip to SF, we spent a long weekend traveling to  carmel-by-the-sea and monterey, driving by the big sur!

vision board

about two months ago i decided i need a vision board on my desk.i’ve seen how it has worked wonders

October 2016

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i’ve been to vegas before. but around 8 years ago. it was a different time then. and one thing i’ve

September 2016

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some more of SF

here’s some other places we loved in SF. some of them may be v touristy {but we love those too!}


my brother told me that locals call the city SF or san francisco. not ‘san fran’ or ‘frisco’. which is

August 2016

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san francisco

the last time i went to san francisco was eight years ago. i was there for three days. with friends.

life lately

life or should i say people have a sweet way of reminding me to keep blogging. every time i forget

July 2016

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el ain sokhna and the 6th of July ;)

i am thankful to have found a husband like A. i got lucky. i always tell friends how i feel

el gouna!

our best discovery and favorite part of the trip was our stay at the movenpick resort and spa at el

ramadan in egypt

our entire 6 day trip to egypt was during the holy period of ramadan. at first we weren’t sure whether

Egypt Again.

the last time i visited egypt was in June, 2011, a little more than five years ago. it was more

June 2016

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the machan

A and i have been fortunate enough to have traveled a lot in our first few months of marriage. there’s

leheir pranaya shah

last week, A and I were blessed with a beautiful baby niece, leheir. being a masi is so much fun.

May 2016

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the only people for me are the mad ones

a few days ago on the suggestion of another blogger, i bought the kindle version of ‘blackout: remembering the things

April 2016

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we went to dubai in january, 2016. the last week of january. it’s already been two whole months.  have been

March 2016

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things about us

we met at a wedding in goa. he was the best man. she made the first move. one year and

happy list

every time i feel low or just not grateful enough about the way things are, i try to come up

February 2016

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we spent an entire day in ubud. we visited the rice terraces, the batik painting stores, the wood carving stores

bali (continued)

we sat in our beautiful hotel for almost all of day 3. ^^ our beautiful villa…. when we first booked


we went to bali for our honeymoon. we only had a week to celebrate, as we had to get back

January 2016

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fast forward to Udaipur

i haven’t received my wedding pictures from the photographer as yet. it may be a while before i get them

pre-wedding shoot continued..

managed to get them up!

Pre – Wedding Shoot

finally received my pre-wedding shoot pictures today. after a whole 3 months. i don’t even want to guess about when

December 2015

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  here are lots and lots of pictures of the mela mehendi and the neel on tote on the turf.

the bridal shower

so MUCH has happened in these past two months that just beginning to think about where to start has overwhelmed

back to the grind – new beginnings

cannot remember the last time i posted. months. i was busy getting married. shifting houses. changing families (literally) and shifting

October 2015

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my office colleague and good friend aditi got married this weekend at goa. it was such a fun wedding. and

a little life

have spent all of last week reading the ‘shortlisted man booker prize, 2015′ contender – a little life by hanya

Amby Valley 2.0

just got back from our long weekend in amby valley city. our friends have a beautiful house on the hills

September 2015

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spent MOST of the weekend with A. at some point during the day, on Saturday, i may have randomly mentioned

notice period perks

i’m new to this whole thing. having worked at one place my whole life – or so it seems. quitting

style loving

love everything about this look…. and everything about this swimsuit.

the times, they are a-changin’

i have barely been posting here on bluebay these days. and i feel horrible about it. have missed this space

August 2015

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clarke quay + cafe iguana

we spent one of our nights in singapore at clarke quay. and LOVED it. it’s buzzing, pretty and has all


although i am quite the travel buff, i had yet to explore east asia. i’ve never been to bangkok or

July 2015

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i don’t say this enough but i am SO very grateful for the friends i have chosen/ who have chosen

goa + birthday times + how he proposed ;)

we went to goa to celebrate my birthday. A and I and a few of our friends. we stayed at


the next few posts are going to make my blog seem more of a travel blog than what it actually

June 2015

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are you on survival mode?

sometimes when work starts getting too monotonous and i feel less passionate towards everything around me for DAYS together, it

date night

adi and i complete one year of being engaged (roka’d) today we celebrated by going out for a nice quite

loco chino

^^ now that is mumbai’s answer to the ‘burrito bowl’. i quite liked it.. it’s being served at loco chino

this right here..

is happiness in a picture. my favorite picture of A yet. when i first met him i wasn’t very fond

May 2015

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may weddings and other ‘may’ stuff

may is turning out to be quite the month. so many weddings to attend. 2015 seems to be the year


hey, i’m no partner but honestly, really very honestly…. i haven’t felt happier #tinysteps it is such a rush to

April 2015

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that year

the wedding year. it has GOT to be the most stressful yet memorable year of your life. so much around

not all those who wander are lost

traveling – even though it might be just for a week of 5 days even – gives us a lot

happy birthday <3

we celebrated A’s birthday two days ago. it was a good day. we decided to bring in the birthday at


we spent a night at heemskerk. in between brussels and amsterdam. we weren’t getting a good place to stay at


what a city. and what a vibe. i want to pack my bags and go right back! and live there


bruges is most definitely one of the most beautiful cities i’ve been to {that’s two ‘mosts’ for you right there


i’ve already mentioned before on the blog.. that my office decided to take us to amsterdam/ belgium this past weekend.

March 2015

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2 days to amsterdam!!

^^ i kinda love my office these days ^^ also no monday blues today. can’t wait for wednesday to be

march madness

  march has been mad. one mad month. it always is. but this one’s particularly been filled with WAY too

byblos + mekong = i need to diet asap

last weekend was all about food. i went to some great restaurants in mumbai. and i haven’t been to either

sundays like these…

went swimming with the boys on sunday, though i ended up being the only one swimming. this place is so

around here lately..

i’ve been MIA. have become selfishly absorbed in my life. wedding preps. and dealing with difficulty of ‘the courtship period’

February 2015

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an early valentine’s day

when i told A that i was going to pondicherry on v day, he didn’t look too happy about it.


we took a trip to puducherry {formally known as pondicherry} this weekend we were 6 girls. 2 of them who

Haldiram + baby showers + march madness

last week i was in delhi for three days. for work. and it was COLD. but i spent most of


we fight a LOT. more often than we should be. but we make up fast. more because after a few

January 2015

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puri, orissa

i’ve been MIA for a while because of all the traveling that’s been going on. but the sweetest thing happened

have i mentioned that i love my job??

right now i’m experiencing vorfreude {(n.) the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures.} not really sure if

this quote right here …>>>

i’ve mentioned this quote before. {here} it came back to me today when i was going through the interviews of

it’s been a long time.

i’ve been super irregular about updating this space and i am going to make an effort to improve. it’s time

things i need to follow in 2015 starting from...

1) stay fit, stay healthy.  hit the gym more often. cut down or STOP my diet coke consumption {oaky, that

new year’s eve

we went for dinner. to this cute little restaurant in worli. had great food {he said it was one of

December 2014

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**secret santa 2014**

^^i totally agree with what’s mentioned above ….. ..but i will not pretend that i wasn’t super happy when i


2014 has been a good and bad year. good because i dated and then got engaged to my soon-to-be husband.

breakfast at zoe

my friend surabhi is in town. while she isn’t here, she’s busy studying business at the columbia business school in


yesterday Adi and i ‘participated’ in the Mumbai Pinkathon. if you’ve been reading my blog you may already know what

because what screams december louder than a...

^^ LOVE these guys. they are the fun-est ^^ ^^ we’ve been best friends for almost 16 years now. can

the nutcracker

i’ve had such little time to update this blog this past week. work has been CRAZY (double caps) every time

also …..

ummm hello my favorite month of the year! i hope you live up to my sky high expectations. {like you

looks i love this season <3

just shopped this look on asos this weekend. am in love with it. can’t wait for it to get here!

November 2014

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last month was hard for me work wise. not more so because of the hours but just because of the

delhi (again)

last thursday we took a short trip to delhi. a work trip. it was a 7 am flight so we

quarter-life crisis

read this really good article on 25 things you should know by the time you turn 25 and i think

currently craving <3

this bag from the new moschino collection  …. ^^ i mean you’ll do know about my love for Mac D

that which makes me mental and that which keeps...

^^  photo taken a few weeks ago at murbad. it was v candid {as you can see} and even though

on making decisions…

i’m at this stage of my life where a whole lot my future depends on the decisions i make now.

looks i love this season <3

^^ all things plaid + black and white is my favorite combination^^ ^^ white sneakers are still all the rage

**november **

we are in november already. It is such a GREAT month. i’ve always liked this time of the year. for

if 50 million people say something foolish it is...

this post is about all sorts of randomness. the odd post heading is actually from one of my favorite chapters

October 2014

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around here – diwali

as i already mentioned – i loved diwali this year. last few years i’ve been either traveling during diwali or

ellipses (saturday brunch edition)

diwali was a lot of fun this year. it felt much more festive than usual. my sister’s in the city

these times.^^

so the other day i was watching the hunger games {which btw i really really like} and i was at

breakfast club

we had a perfect meal a few weeks ago. at this place is called the breakfast club, innsbruck. it was

sometimes when i’m having a very...

i go through the different impressive profiles at linkedin and feel very bad about my self and my achievements {or


a large group of us {can you even spot me?} spent the long weekend at murbad, which is a small

September 2014

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i’ve been wanting to go to oktoberfest ever since i posted this. and it was on the list of things


we spent two days in innsbruck. which i felt was sufficient considering innsbruck is a small town and i think

salzburg <3

last week we visited salzburg for a day. and a day is all it took to fall in love with


last week has been all about traveling. have visited six different cities and two countries in all of 6 days.

sweetish house mafia + this wonderful world {well...

yesterday post lunch i made a quick trip to todi mills without really informing anyone at work {and my office

New Delhi

went to delhi for the weekend. to tell you the truth i haven’t been to the capital city in almost

ghirardelli chocolate chip pancakes

yesterday because of excess boredom {ganpati visarjan!} + my excess love for tanushree led me to make her my SUPER


have you shopped from jabong? i tried it the other day and has a great experience. i had been looking

borrowed my mum’s shoes the other night

sometimes she really does manage to surprise me with her taste. i am absolutely in love with these and i

have listened to this song 2341 times today.

or 13. something like that canNOT get the song out of my head. it’s not the latest, i’m aware..i’m a

here comes september…

september is going to be a good month. it’s already started of SO much better than what august was. also

i really wish i could write like her

i’ve been following her blog since a while now. a year maybe? and just today i read a regular post

would you like to know something?

the other night we went for a movie and they stopped him and asked him to take part in some


we tried out the newly opened burmese restaurant, burma burma, at fort the other night. up until then the only

August 2014

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shoe crush <3

im loving sneakers this season. white sneakers. they are comfortable, cool and stylish. i have my eyes on a white

on a better note …

this past sunday {my day OFF} we ate WAY too much. ^^first a white egg omelet stuffed with spinach and

things are a bit dull lately

because really ALL work and NO play, makes jack a dull boy. and that’s STILL applicable today. yep…. work still

the rainbow in my cloud

my work life lately is a roller-coaster which only goes down {guess which book?} more often that not i find

this is what my kind of monday looks like

not pictured is the grilled chicken sandwich and the caesar salad we had by the palladium hotel poolside. also alifya!

breakfast at social

after a v. hard time at work this past month we finally got the long weekend off. four days straight


i am in love with this song by calvin harris. ever since we have gotten back from spain. its on

dessert issues

last night just when i was losing my mind – no seriously – like literally losing it, because that’s how

social offline

jinal and  I went to social offline at colaba the other night. and for a restaurant that just opened the

birkenstocks – i’m loving these this...

they are every where this season. i picked up similar ones from bershka, spain. though i can’t seem to find

3 more days until i get to live with them again.

i’m done with the ‘parents are away lets party’ mode. it’s been almost a month now and i miss them.

July 2014

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penne in pesto cream sauce

he and i made penne in pesto sauce last night. we argued during the whole process. he added too much

pot luck dinner

^^ thursday night had friends for a pot luck dinner at home ^^ some of the perks of parents being


in your free time do check out this website. it has the best swim suits and sports bras that i’ve


we spent the last 2 1/2 days of our vacation at barcelona. after much contemplation we decided to stay at


ibiza is unreal. i could safely say it is unlike any other place i have been to, or i’d even

puerto banus

day 2 + birthday celebrations

Day 2 05.07.2014 may have been one of my favorites in this trip. but then they all were SO good


finally back from our mini-vacation to spain. i suddenly feel so empty. this past month has been all about spain.

this day

first my office colleagues/ friends surprised me by getting me chocolate ganache tarts from busago, in lower parel {because they

the goldfinch

“a great sorrow, and one that i am only beginning to understand: we don’t get to choose our own hearts.

72 hours until ..

i am at this beautiful place with my best friends. it’s really all i can think or talk about off

delightfully chaotic

that’s my gorgeous friend alifya and I at salt water café on Sunday. We went there for lunch/ brunch which

June 2014

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and now for an overdose of our pictures

without meaning to be self obsessed. of course.

it’s official!

7 months back we met at a club in goa. in spite of living within a few minutes of each

he knows how to make up after a fight. this one.

he came to pedder road last night at 10 p.m. to take me to buddha belly. i was craving their

the bottomless brunch

the lack of blogging has a got a lot to do with some income tax law research/ case given to

sunday dinner ritual = buddha belly

this is where i have gone and what i have eaten three times this week already i maybe just a

this month’s going to be a good...

part of the reason behind this amazingly good mood of mine is because i thought it was wednesday when i

looking for some inspiration on a monday...

.. and came across this article on 10 little ways everyone can change the world. spent most of my weekend

May 2014

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be careful what you wish for…

After all this time, it seems to me like straight...

for those people who haven’t read looking for alaska, by john green, you probably won’t get the title. but it’s

fat man’s cafe

  this morning he and I went for a breakfast tasting.. to fat  man’s cafe. a restaurant which will be

wait… did you say IBIZA??

YES! we leave in July and i celebrate my birthday there. i almost can’t believe it myself. please pray that

because doing a job is SO 2013 …

i read this amah-zing article on the huffington post a few days ago which gave me a LOT to think

i’m loving these, this season..

things around here lately …

i have been meaning to blog for a while but haven’t gotten to it. this weekend was a good one.

April 2014

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find joy in the ordinary <3

today i read this and it taught me so many things i lack. am going to make an effort to

and then he had to leave

my brother, arjun, leaves for frisco on sunday. His time here in Mumbai flew by so quickly…… save for the

the H and M wedding…and let’s talk...

we celebrated harsh and mehak’s wedding this weekend at the lalit, goa! it was Such fun. made us want to


arjun vora. my twin ;) and fellow coolio {extreme left} at three wise men, santacruz on 15th April, 2014. karaoke

You have a choice in this world, I believe, about...

i just finished reading the fault in our stars. and i absolutely loved it. it’s v.v. touching. without being tear

ping pong sundays

we went to trident and then to ping pong this sunday. pre-birthday celebrations since his birthday falls on a tuesday.

Generation Y + some other good reads

this article about why generation Y is unhappy got me thinking. it’s way accurate. don’t you think so too? i

a pizza party at 12 am and other things

^^ this is probably the reason why i haven’t been blogging much off late. We’ve all had 15 hour work

one of those days

you know.. those days where you just keep smiling because you’re so happy but you don’t really know why? those

i think i fall in love a little bit….

it’s been a while since i have posted. maybe i have writer’s block or nothing interesting to really write about.

March 2014

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him and I, we spent this monday, which was a holiday, at woodside inn, colaba. he likes the lokhandwala one

queen + some relationship advice

i watched queen last night and enjoyed every minute of it. it is a fun, light and feel good movie.

from one weekend to the next

i do realise how i post only ‘post-weekends’ it might seem that i have nothing interesting to say or interesting


it’s been so long since we’ve had food on this blog. and co-incidentally {;)} this weekend was just the right

weekend as it was

have had the most fun time these past three days. attending a wedding {thinking of  a new category on this

February 2014

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wedding outfit inspiration #chanellove

i was looking around the net for some wedding outfit inspiration the other day in particular i was looking for

shillim, lonavla and #patuwedspati = a great...

we went to this beautiful property about a 3 hours drive from mumbai, this weekend. at the hilton shillim spa

sometimes. not getting what you want is what...

watched this video last night on happiness and it taught me a lot. thanks surabhi for sending it my way,

sneaky feeling that love actually is all around..

made this valentine pop up card for a friend. here’s the link  of the blog which i helped me make

we crave a different kind off buzz ..

i loved royals by lorde. so you could guess my excitement when it won at the grammys. once in a

dubai again <3

went to dubai this past weekend. for a bachelorette. mehak’s bachelorette. though honestly it was more of a fun, chilled

**Dubai times**

tonite, i leave with these girls {except kari, but she will be MISSED} for a bachelorette. to dubai. i can’t

some thoughts

i find my self spending so much of time worrying about what others think. my work colleagues, the partners, seniors,

reaching a meeting 20 whole minutes early = a...

we had a meeting at 9.30 am on monday morning at nariman point. and i reached 20 minutes early {yes,

January 2014

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this blog

this blog is SOO good. why dint i think of it before Brandon Stanton again? i just wasn’t original enough

humans of new york

here’s a poem from my very own human of new york ;) so grateful that i have her in my

what keeps the planet spinning..the force of love...

this girl celebrates her birthday today. in new york and now i miss her more than ever. she is one

i think i maybe live to eat and not the other way...

^^ we went to indigo deli for lunch yesterday. sunday lunches has become a family ritual for us. i love

to the nights that turned into mornings..

and friends that turned into family. ^^ i wouldn’t trade a 4 seater rickshaw ride for any sports car there

somethings that you can buy at forever 21 right...

when everything was beautiful and nothing hurt

i’m not at a very happy place today. bad news it seems is never easy to bear. even when you’ve

wednesday nights

tanu, swetcha and I went to smash last night. for a bit of mid week refueling. and talked about girly

let’s talk about the weather..

i DO know that the weather topic is generally brought up when you have pretty much nothing to talk about.


came across this concept of 100 happy days since it was all over my facebook. and i loved it! why

day 1 and working on my new year resolutions...

yesterday we stayed in doors all day. at jinal’s house. it was a lazy kinda day. all we wanted to

December 2013

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little goals for 2014 {which i will try my...

i will try to get rid of my habit of biting nails. for real this time. i will try to

tis the season’

last weekend of the year, we spent at trident, bkc. very relaxing. hardly got out of the room even. except

secret santa.

there’s so much i want to write about. but such little time. we’re celebrating secret santa at work today. and

love this

read this on meduim yesterday. and there’s not a thing in this article i do not agree with. he put

just when things were getting a bit dull around...

i mean i had almost forgotten it’s december. and just then on a tuesday afternoon at 3 pm jinal called

the time i got a massage at that random...

last weekend during our udaipur trip, i went for a walk around the hotel while my parents were taking their

papa’s birthday and a beautiful city called...

this girl

you might know her. since she’s all over my blog. or at least was. before she moved to chicago. and

wedding fever

december love and some fashion inspiration

November 2013

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some more goa pictures

because i’m not yet over last weekend

my dad

the other day it was 26th November and i was sitting with my mum in my parent’s room watching t.v.

a perfect wedding weekend

go goa gone

have a feeling that this weekend is going to be a good one. i leave in the evening. counting down

a day with the family

things to do when your body surprises you with a...

1. you stop by phoenix mills on your way to work {and if you’re unlucky and don’t work at parel

comfort in the chaos

dear loved ones {you’ll know who you’ll are, right???} your honesty. your humility. your unafraid nature that allows you to

the cookie monster

for a while we’d forgotten  what this blog is really about… food. this weekend although i missed out on going

i think that..

the roasted chicken salad at subway tastes its best on a saturday night. at around 10 pm especially when you

this comes one year too late

until next year …

diwali’s finally over, four days passed by and before you know it you’re back to work on a wednesday morning

it’s times like these when i might actually...

i’m a sucker for pretty things, you see. and watching ankita make this on our office door step was the

October 2013

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the smell of diwali in the air

you know diwali is just around the corner when you see these all over the streets of mumbai and is

and let’s hope this one is the last.

sick of my dubai posts already?? me too. so let’s hope this one’s the last. ^^ chandni and I just

and some more of dubai in pictures..

^^ the view from the patio of our friends house at the palm. stunning. i could really get used to


**the best stage**

i’m at ‘that’ age, where just about everybody around me is either seriously dating and just about to marry or

sunday in pictures.

it was one of those sundays. the one’s that satisfy you enough to go back into work week and as

this is amazing

just came across this short film (it’s only 7 minutes but the best seven minutes of my week yet) through

because a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor

i seem to have switched on the anxiety button in my brain somehow and cannot figure a way to switch

still hope

this week has been one of my hardest work weeks, since my three years of working here post grad {i’m

leap of faith

“Accept that there will be whole swaths of you that will always seem like a mystery. There will be things

that time of the year

this boy

arjun leaves for san francisco tonite. new job offer. and although he wasn’t living with me in the first place

on urges. random ones at that too.

^^ saw this at the juice and sandwich shop opposite my office ^^ and since i maybe spending more time

good ideas

saw this in a wedding blog a few days ago and loved the idea. brilliant and gorgeous. and very affordable

mix – tape <3

music i’ve been listening to this month. it’s feel good music mostly.   one day reckoning song – asaf avidan

the diaries of a corporate lawyer

i have been thinking about my career a lot these days. i just read the steve jobs book, so no

September 2013

15 Posts

birthday times

the book of jobs

i just finished this book. and so .. let’s talk steve jobs? is that guy a genius or is he

hello monday

my mind is so beautifully blank on most mondays. so much so that i don’t have much to write about

have a good weekend!

^^^ this one is from our dinner at neel last night. restroom pictures are always the best ;)^^^ this weekend

happy 87th!!

yesterday was my grandad’s birthday. we got him an assortment of pastries instead of a cake. because that’s how he

someplace better

saturday mornings are the new friday nights

make me smile. a lot.

things that make me smile: * listening to music while working. i’m not sure if that’s universal. but i love

i think that ….

even though its been a little more than 12 hours since I entered office I maybe have the coolest boss

ganpati and on how to be happy {happier in most...

one of the pros of working at lal baug {okay lets make that the ONLY pro of working at lal

poetry written by a columbia b – school...

i just like how cool that sounds. like the diary of a young girl. one of my favorite novel titles.

ping pong

dear lord when i get to heaven, please let me...

when he comes tell me that you’ll let him in. father, tell me if you can. those…. are my two

2 more days until

i see their faces again. its been 1.5 months. and i actually survived. so it wasn’t such a bad thing.

turn up the love

i have the worst stomach/ body ache. saturday night hardly turned out as planned and i spent pretty much the

August 2013

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i’ll let the pictures do the talking

it’s been a whole year.

since i started blogging. it started of so randomly and its been so easy to do this time and again.

on loving mondays

it rained the whole day yesterday. the good kind of rain don’t know about you, but i’m going to miss

weekend recap

it’s a love hate relationship...

the other day we went to salt water cafe. one of my favorite places to go to in mumbai. we

detox weekend and on how to make the chipotle...

this sunday, since ananya { my super smart producer bestie} was staying over, we decided to make use of the

i realized these were all the snapshots….

…. which our children would look at someday with wonder, thinking their parents had lived smooth, well ordered lives and

a birthday celebration i wish i was a part...

she is the funniest person i know without even meaning to be. and i mean that in the nicest way

i close my eyes..but i still miss you

kari leaves tonite. to begin with her masters program at nothwestern what is it with that country and stealing ALL

if you have crazy friends you have everything <3

#truestory i get to have the smartest, funnest {i know that’s not really a word} and coolest people in the

friday {and happy eid!}

it’s just 2.41 pm and i love today already. something about friday. also … it’s probably because i started my

when all else fails, you always have delusion

the other day i read conan o’brien’s speech at the Harvard commencement ceremony {yes, i’m giving Harvard the honor of

summer shoes loving

we can be very creative sometimes

even though i do say so myself. ^^a page the scrap book we made for karishma. memories for her to

things to do before you die.

jinal sent me this list last night and it’s made me realise that i have such a long way to

guided by a beating heart <3

“They tell me I’m too young to understand They say I’m caught up in a dream Well life will pass

July 2013

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has october come early this year?

living sans parents has made me realize how much more comfortable life is with them around. i miss them already.

office bonds and then some madras cafe..

style love <3

i’m loving everything denim this season, specially the jumpsuits. now only to find them somewhere in this city….

i love this

so go ahead and be unreasonable and don’t let any one tell you otherwise..

college wars

ramadan night

on friday a few of us drove around mohammed ali road to eat ramadan food. sadly if you are a

once in a while

my dad does so much for me. i don’t even realize most of the time because the best part is

like we were someplace better

i like reading, quite an escapist. currently i’m reading the perks of being a wallflower. it’s a good book. i

with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere...

saturday was good. i’ve noticed how not pre – planning your day always makes it so much more interesting. karishma

just so you know….

arjun dint miss out …. he had his own fun continents away ;( ^^^at atlantic city, yea… he’s a chiller,

birthday recap

26 today!

i turn 26 tonite. and i’m happy about it {surprise suprise} also about my friends …  they don’t come better

sadly in this life there’s really not much...

….oh we try to believe that there will be, next time, because that is what makes a big-hearted fool so

birthday week.

it’s my birthday week and my friend’s and family haven’t stopped reminding me about it. as if i need reminding

June 2013

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random thoughts

felt good coming back to work after our vacation. never thought i’d be saying this but law seems to be

budapest love <3

and had a really really really good time..

and we laughed …

and we danced, and we cried …….

May 2013

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berlin dreaming

i mean check this place out. i’ve been day dreaming about this place since a while. you’ll are free to

party in the park

on saturday we went to the shivaji park chowpatty {i din’t know it existed, which is wierd considering i live

hi. i’m trying to love my life right now

it’s hard, but i’m sure i’m getting there. macklemore’s been helping a lot with it. just saying…… happy friday!

i love that …

^^restrooms in restaurants in mumbai have gotten so innovative. who would think^^ i have only 2 more weeks to while

movie night + a really quick dinner at mai tai

monday lunches

the dictionary of obscure sorrows

learnt about this very cool word today. it’s from the dictionary of obscure sorrows and my favorite …. Mimeomia n. the

i’d catch a grenade for you

i’m feeling extra love for my family today. just like that….. weekend’s almost here! hope you have the best weekend


  lately i have been lazy about this blogging thing. i have been blogging less frequently than i used to.

reason #2031 why i love where i live

the other day i was jogging at worli sea face when i saw this   not sure i’d use it,

be the gypsy of yourself

  i’m not really a fan of the summer..with 40 degree days and everything who really is? but it’s that

she’s got to be the happiest patient...

  the other day we had a holiday mid week. i adore mid-week holidays. the work week tends to pass


April 2013

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**once in a blue moon**

i know i’ve  been posting a lot of grey’s anatomy quotes here lately and i also know i need to

style love <3

let’s pretend…

  that at this very moment instead of sitting on my desk in front of my laptop, i’m that person


  “Have the nerve to go into unexplored territory. Be brave enough to live life creatively. The creative is the

three reasons why i love my life

1. my friends. last night we went to  hakkasan for dinner. we spent pretty much the whole time discussing ‘serious

jam jar

went to jam jar last night. normally wouldn’t travel that far on a weekday. but it WAS vrinda’s birthday. so


every time i feel low (which seems to be happening pretty often this year.. be nice 2013!) and i speak

it’s true ..

so here goes……

throughout my stint at law school i had serious doubts about pursuing law. i just dint think i was a

March 2013

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something to think about…

“The thing about trauma is that it doesn’t matter how tough we are, trauma always leaves a scar. It follows

happy holi(day)

you are my wild

the other day, we were all in office at 11 pm (trying to finish of pending work), trying to look

berlin on my mind

oh and budapest too. kari, alifya and me are planning a vacation to berlin and budapest this june. (far away,

random work lunches make mondays soo much more...

fusilli aglio olio

so this is what i made the other day. it’s so simple. and this blog is not turning into a

catching up on some much needed zzzzz

chocolate pudding

try out this super simple and yummm recipe. it looks divine <3

advice to my kids by leo babauta

i came across this article by Leo Babauta “You are good enough. Most people are afraid to do things because

my source of food during the (not so interesting)...

  for the lack of having any thing better to write about, since i have pretty much not done anything

something to think about….

often we feel the…… “Fear of failure, fear of rejection, sometimes the fear is just of making a decision, because

she’s pretty fearless like that….

that’s my mum with a snake over her shoulders happy monday !!! <3

the happy list

there are some processes that we all go through that can be exhausting and hard and you end up not

march wishlist <3

la famille

i love my family. specially the ones that live in the US. they say absence makes the heart grow fonder

i’m learning a weekend is no fun without a...

February 2013

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and i stumbled upon this (very cool) paragraph in...

and i had to post it .. so that it stays with me. “Listen to what is being preached today.

birtday times

  last night we celebrated jinal’s birthday. any guess where? how did you manage to guess that, i mean other


weekend recap

the only people for me are the mad ones

(guest blogger – Surabhi Shastri) I just saw the Pirates of the Carribean -  On stranger tides because I started

the non work moments and other random...

  yesterday, to beat the monday blues i went to karishma’s office at india bulls for some ‘us time’ over


Style love <3

i know it’s winter and the season of black and white but have i mentioned how much i love colors?

happiness is contagious

so i pretty much spent my entire valentine’s day in office. so i’ve decided to existensialize (i know it’s not

spread love

happy valentine’s day. specially to my favorite people in the world. my family. most of whom aren’t in the same

happy birthday

love day (yes, i love how corny that sounds)

i am a very ‘valentine’s day person’. i love it as much as the next girl. in fact my mum

and all this before 11 am on a Saturday…

make me happy

sometimes… all it takes is for the clock to strike 8 on a friday evening to make me happy (this

once in a while ..bend down and smell a flower!

i haven’t stopped laughing. and i’m in office so that’s saying a LOT. i just read a speech by Russel

10 things you probably should know about my mum...

and they are married.

congratulations swetcha and chintan! you’ll are always always going to be this in love and this happy. i just know

something to think about….

lately i’ve been reading a lot of commencement speeches. just like that. i really liked what Bradley Whitford had to

January 2013

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    Right now as I type this I’m in a car on my way to Pune. Dizzy . He

oh hey there …

we survived january !! :o well almost. just a day to go. i still cannot decide why i hate january

Salman Rushdie versus Rakhi Sawant

republic weekend

8 am on non working Saturdays can be put to so...

style love <3

<3 <3<3

i spent pretty much of the entire last week doing...

swedish house mafia

i love love love them. even though i must admit i only started listening to them once i found out

another bridal shower…and poco loco

just saying..

cafe zoe has a new menu. okay i know it has really started to seem that my blog is sponsored

something to think about….

my friend asked me to read the j.k. rowling speech at the harvard commencement ceremony. and i did. loved it.

little letters.

dear sir, thank you for being so patient with me when i sometimes goof up at work. i admire you

secretly (not so much of a secret anymore)...

the CIA obsession comes from an overdose of homeland.i might have seen the entire season 2 in a day. it

i think i might finally have mastered the art...

beating monday morning blues. i read it somewhere and decided to follow it last week. it actually worked! Procedure :

who said january has to be boring?

the ‘that’s what she said’...

bit and pieces

today i … * had three mini bottles of my new favorite drink mazaa * spent way too many hours

isn’t that just adorable??

the other day I got up in the morning, looked out of my window and saw this!  tents in my

this green tea tastes just like bangkok

mixed tape <3

here’s the list of songs i’ve been listening to on repeat this past month. 1. party on my mind –

i dont think it gets any better than

have you seen This video. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it. and i’m sure after you see it you’ll want them for your

the week that was…

the first week of 2013 went by pretty fast….. tuesday discovered my love for pesto spaghetti. it’s my new favorite

make me happy

sometimes all it takes is a starbucks vanilla latte to make me happy! and maybe the star shaped cookie  

thank god its sunday

this post is in honour of the zara sale

what if ….

i dint have to write the article on foreign direct investment in energy which is due end of day today?


two very different ways to use your left over...

i saw these extremely simple baked potato recipes on pinterest. if you love potatoes as much as i do, you’ll


**~~**Happy 2013 ~~**~~**

happy new year people. jan 2nd is definitely not one of my favorite days of the year. it’s just such

December 2012

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sometimes i miss turkey and go back to istanbul in my mind more often that i’d like to admit. sometimes

cafe coffee day makes me my very own

Okay no kidding it does. I kind of invented it. So everytime I go to café coffee day which is

happy christmas and …#weddingfever


to go(a) or not to go…

my friends are planning to go goa for sunburn. i am still thinking about it. beacause.. first i just went

bad day

  this isn’t about the daniel powter song of the same name, which by the way, i love. there are


project x

this one time we maybe tried to imitate project x and wanted our party to be just like that  ….


you see heavens got a plan for you… this swedish house mafia song kind off reminds me of my dad.

something to think about…

“I’ve found that luck is quite predictable.  If you want more luck, take more chances.  Be more active. Show up


is it just me or does this week seem way long?




atleast in sofitel at bandra kurla complex…i love that hotel .it is so cute. and they have the best service.

breakfast at zoe’s…


so my twin arjun is finally here in mumbai after one very long year… december just keeps getting betterby the

hello december <3

okay i think it’s safe to say – everyone’s favorite time of the year is finally here it’s going to

November 2012

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have you been to francesco’s yet??

jogging at worli sea face at 10 am….

  on a saturday morning  (make that any morning) is probably not the best idea. …   it’s just SO


i came across this article  the other day. its by lydia netzer from her blog shine shine shine. extremely funny

reason #1034 why i love this city!!

  because i get to see this view everyday on my way back from work……   i kind off have

the time i went to goa for a stayover ..

today i’m thankful for…

and the wedding season begins!

  after days of booking – cancelling – re-booking and just plain indecisiveness, i’m finally leaving for goa tomorrow –

10 challenges for the year end…..

okay so i follow this blog ardently. and it’s partly the reason why  i decided to blog on the first


I am a worrier. The anxiety girl. I worry about almost everything. Then the other day I read this article


My sister is in town!!! (and okay she might kill me coz i stole this picture from her face book


we listen to music all the time. i have decided to do this mixed tape feature in my blog to


Happy Diwali

Can’t believe I’m saying this but right now I really wish I was in Mumbai :) the city is so

My favorite Turkish dip recipe – haydari

3/4 cup strained yogurt (dahi with the water drained out) 1/4 cup fresh cream 2-3 cloves smashed garlic 1 bunch

Where have you been all my life?

Greetings from Istanbul!

helloo! i got to Istanbul yesterday and since then i feel like we already know SO much about this city.


  this is the rangoli my receptionist Ankita made during diwali last year. how talented is she?? i wonder what

twenty four hours to go……

  to rage at this beautiful city with my best friends ….   have i mentioned that i love my


Maybe … I decided to stay off fried food till turkey but had french fries for breakfast this morning. Maybe

Happy Birthday Ongie (okay don’t kill me)

tomorrow is ananya’s birthday and and for those of you who don’t know her ananya is probably one of the

okay so SOMETIMES we pose in restrooms too…

but who doesn’t right?? wait did i say sometimes?…..


Walking into office on a SATURDAY morning

Just isn’t my thing …. .. but on the bright side – we get to wear casuals :)  


Keep Calm ….

Last Day on Earth …

ha! don’t be fooled by the title. i’m not talking about the hurricane sandy. But …. I was watching grey’s

October 2012

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watermelon feta pinenut salad.

  The other day mum and me went to tasting room at lower parel (one of my favorite restaurants btw)


Dear Kavita, Thank you for cooking me breakfast and lunch everyday, you make my day Dear Mum, Thank you for






Since I just turned 25 and so are most of my friends. So the other day a friend of mine











So I came across this article on the internet and had to share it. Pursuit of Happiness By Mohammed |

My office desk

okay so this is the image I see everyday for 11 (10?, 12?) hours, five times a week! And no


September 2012

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FREEDOM (not really :p)

So on Wednesday we had a mid week break from work! it was independence day. My friends and me decided


July 2012

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Hello world!