around here lately..

i’ve been MIA.

have become selfishly absorbed in my life. wedding preps. and dealing with difficulty of ‘the courtship period’


^^ we took this picture yesterday. at a baby shower. ^^

whoever said that those are the best days of a relationship?!? please call me and clarify.

also this whole wedding preps things makes me very self absorbed. which i don’t necessarily like.

i need to start being more active and present and involved in making others lives simpler too.


last week i finished reading the book open. it’s beautiful and gives you SO much to learn about. andre agassi’s life is more inspiring than i’d ever imagined.

in other news..there was a death in my extended family last week. my fiance taught me how important it is to be there for someone in their hard times as opposed to being there for them during their good times ONLY.

i didn’t realise the importance of those words till i noticed how much he was there for my family during our rough times this past week. i’m very grateful and lucky. {but i’ve already said that too many times before…}

work too is tough this month. it’s always the hardest during february. just before year end. when promotions and bonuses are to be declared soon. everyone’s so nervous. and slightly more competitive than usual. do you feel that way too?? or is it all just a figment of my imagination? not sure about that and on that note..

happy monday!!


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