we went to bali for our honeymoon.

we only had a week to celebrate, as we had to get back for our v close friend’s wedding in mumbai. so bali seemed to be the perfect solution.

spent 6 days 6 nights in bali. and 1 whole day traveling.

we flew via singapore {singapore airlines} but didn’t stop over as i had visited singapore just a few months before

{will go again someday with A, as i really liked the city/ country}

A and i decided to stay seminyak throughout the 6 days and 6 nights {best decision!} and seminyak happened to be one of my favorite places in bali.

it’s buzzing, lively and filled with cute little restaurants and bars all over. it is also home of the famous beach clubs {potato head, kudeta, mozaic etc}

an entire day was spent at potato head beach club. {we would end up coming back every day after…for lunch/ dinner or just a drink} also it helped that our hotel was a stone throw’s away from the beach club.







^^ potato head beach club {i kid you not when i say that we spent an ENTIRE day here. We saw a beautiful sunset, swam a lot and  made so many friends with people who were from all over the world^^

to make up for the lack of traveling and sightseeing on day 1, we decided to fit in as many ‘things to do’ on our bali list as we could on the next day

the next day morning we scuba dived and para-sailed in nusa dua. it was one of most enjoyable moments of our vacation.unfortunately we forgot to take any pictures during this time.

after the water sports, we visited the famous luwak coffee plantations near uluwatu. the luwak coffee is said to be the most expensive coffees in the world as it is made from part digested coffee cherries which are eaten and thereafter defecated by an asian palm civet, the luwak! not being a fan of coffee i decided to stay awaybut A tried and loved the strong taste of the coffee.





^^ at the luwak plantation… where along with luwak coffee we tasted several other flavours of tea and coffee. my favorite was the lemongrass tea. ^^

after visiting the luwak plantations, our driver took us to a hidden beach called the padang padang beach. the path to the beach is rocky and cumbersome, but you are in for a treat once you get there. the water in the beach is beautifully clear and the beach is almost deserted. it has great waves and is a popular surfing spot for surfers from around the world.




^^ patang patang^^

we ended the day with a visit to the ulawatu temple at uluwatu which is around a 30 minutes drive from seminyak. it is built a top a 70 mtrs cliff over looking the sea and is a balinese sea temple. in the evenings they have a traditional balinese dance show called the kecak and fire dance, depicting the ramayana. i’m glad we made it just in time for the dance show and the sunset!


at night after we got back to the hotel, we went for a late dinner at what would turn out to be one of favorite restaurants in seminyak – the motel mexicola cantina. it is such a fun place. with an elevated dance floor, the restaurant turns into a mini club post 9 pm. and it helps that the mexican food was amazing.

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