we spent the last 2 1/2 days of our vacation at barcelona.

after much contemplation we decided to stay at a hostel. we were very inspired by queen, you see.

but not just any hostel.we stayed at sant jordi hostel rock palace. the sant jordi chain has been named as one of the best hostels in the world for many years consecutively and rock palace is their latest creation.  when we first arrived and on learning that we would be sharing the shower rooms/ bathrooms with the rest of the girls in the floor we almost left and booked a nearby hotel.

but then decided against it. for want of a hostel experience.

i’m glad we decided to stay. looking back i realise that i relate my experience in barcelona largely with my experience of staying at rock palace. the people in barcelona as in our hostel are extremely warm, friendly and super helpful. they even go out of their way to make your stay easier for you.

rock palace organized fun activities for all who lived there, every night. the first night we were there, they had organized a bar hopping scene with pre-gaming activities in the common room {which is great as you can see in the pictures}. the next night they had a paella and sangria  making class along with unlimited sangria and on the last night we stayed there was game night in the common room, with beer pong et all!


^^ rooftop jacuzzi, yes it’s a hostel. i couldn’t believe it either ^^


^^ a drum set in the lobby, can this get better?^^




^^ the common room^^



^^ reception^^

and now to cut down to it, and also because we really had very limited time in barca, specially considering we spent our entire last day shopping, here are a list of my favorite things to do in barcelona.


la sagrada familia {gaudi’s church}







^^ el born and the little restaurants there {we ate at la hacienda, this cute mexican restaurant we stumbled upon}^^


^^ and he sang to us right outside of the restaurant… it pretty much made my already great day^^

las rambla {sadly we dint take pictures there, but hey its one of the most famous streets in the world, so no pictures needed!}


^^ le boqueria {the food market} ^^

barceloneta {the beach} and the night vibe there with all its clubs such as opium and shoko.

and my hostel ;)

oh and this indian street which is a 5 minute walk from las rambla where we had the best indian food. not sure about the name but ask any indian cabbie driver {there are lots!} and they’ll take you.

we do eat indian on vacations, you could call it lame, but that’s how we are.

and i guess this sums up my spain vacation. it was one of the best i’ve ever had, but then i say that about all my vacations. this year i’ve made a resolution to travel more and have more life experiences. because when you look back in life it’s these days that you’ve spent with your loved ones which you remember the most. also is it just me or is traveling the best way to learn about yourself or what? there were so many self realizations that took place this past month. the most important of them being that banana milkshake with a dash cinnamon might just be my favorite food of all time, even though i’ve never really liked bananas too much ;)

and on that note…..happy monday xoxo

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