be careful what you wish for…

we went to trident on saturday for the day. it’s starting to become my second home.

we got the day package there which is very reasonable. you get the room + pool/ gym use + 50% of on all spa packages for around 8 – 9 hours for the day.

i love hanging with jinal and saloni, they are so much fun and i think we might have been sisters in another life.

we ate, swam, talked a lot and then swam some more.

we also took lots of pictures of us. i guess that’s what girls do when they get together yes?

we also met a cute little boy in the pool who revealed to us – after way too many questions – that he lives there because his dad is high up in the hotel management hierarchy.

and i squealed a little. because somewhere deep down i’ve always wished a hotel room to be my home.

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