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i’m not really a fan of the summer..with 40 degree days and everything who really is?

but it’s that time of the year most of us plan vacations .. and that i’m a BIG fan of.

this year we’ve planned a trip to berlin and budapest and maybe prague {it’s only a 3.5 hours train journey from berlin we might include that too}  as i’ve already mentioned before. it’s a month from now but for me the best part of the trip is the planning bit. and the anticipation. it makes the month fly by.

reasons i love traveling ….

you get a break from work {i bet you saw that one coming. first.}

you get to meet see new places you never thought you would and meet all these new people who speak languages you cant really comprehend but love listening to anyway

you get to try out  different food items which you had never heard of before {this one’s my favorite}

you get to click awesome pictures and but it up in blogs and get comments from all these people asking you all about it and  that’s how … you get to relive your vacation {just kidding.. but really pictures are so important .. all those memories can be captured forever}

you get unbelievably closer to the people you are traveling with

and you get to shop and bring back home all things which you would have never been able to buy here in mumbai. because lets face it there are hardly any shopping options here.

came across this really nice new york times article on ’46 places to go in 2013′  maybe i’d deadline my self to complete these by 2033 if not 2013 because really who are we kidding?

p.s. picture is from my vacation in the bahamas in 2008.


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