and we danced, and we cried …….

i’ve decided to document my entire vacation here in this blog because those are definitely the days i’d  like to remember years down the line. and maybe have my kids say “we had SUCH a cool mom” just kidding. going to stop this freaky kid business. but if there’s one thing i’ve learned after my vacation it’s – i love white babies. i know such a racist thing to say right? so any how…

Day 1.

we had a halt at istanbul ataruk on the way to berlin – tegel. the flight went by quick mainly because we were so charged up. when we finally did land in berlin it took forever for us to get a taxi to the the hotel since the three of us don’t really know german. and believe me, vacationing in germany not knowing german is not very easy.

we stayed at berlin mitte. itl was cute. more like an apartment than a hotel. our room was huge and clean {i.e. before we invaded it}. after getting ready and walked around randomly towards oranienburger strasse. over there we came across not one but three indian restaurants and i am not being biased at all when i tell you that indian restaurants there are the most crowded and well done up restaurants in berlin. maybe berliners have a thing for indian food. anyone need business ideas?

we ate at one {which is odd considering we were just coming from INDIA. but hey we are pretty patriotic that way} amrit de. such good food. better than the what most indian restaurants serve here in mumbai.

after that we walked past the river spree {is it?} and randomly came upon strandbar. remember the bar i told you about here? can you believe our luck? we just came across it randomly.

i love that place. it was our favorite place in berlin. we ended up there every night of our entire stay in berlin.  a must go for any one going to berlin. we had nutella and cheese crepes and the best margarita pizza i’ve ever had there. drizzled with olive oil.

then since we were so jet lagged and because of all that walking we crashed. at 9 pm.

a perfect day. but then they all were!



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