birthday recap

the day arjun and me turned 26.

you know how we all have one of those days when we look back and think .. the world is a GOOD GOOD place to be in? saturday was one of those days.

i do realize that birthdays are generally those days – because everyone around you tends to go out of their way to make you feel special. but still. i think this birthday in particular was amah-zing

i started of saturday with work {?!?} but it was a fun work day because we called for pizza for lunch for everybody in office and we all had our lunch together. entire office. partners et all.  and my colleagues surprised me with not one but three cakes :)

then in the afternoon we checked into trident, where i had a room for the weekend.

while we were there karishma took me out of the room telling me she wanted to talk with me, and my friends decorated the whole room while i was out.  they put up balloons all over the room and each balloon had a pic of me and my favorite people attached to it {idea from pinterest here}

they also decorated the entire room with pictures, confetti and purple strings. it was such a pretty site, it was like being surrounded by pictures of me floating in the air. i was stunned for like an hour. and i will not lie but i think i cried a little. it was just so sweet. and then we danced …. and had a really really really good time.

at one time when the room door bell rang i swear i thought it was the staff that had come to kick us out because of all the noise we were making instead they got me a cake { how nice is that?!?}

i loved every minute of it.

we checked out on sunday at 7 pm. one of the perks of staying at trident. late check outs.

went for lunch to cpk at bandra kurla {everytime i go to that part of the city i feel like i’m out of town}

i am so so grateful that i have so many people around me who go out of their way every single time just to see me smile. and i wonder {all the time!} what i’ve done to deserve them.

i think it’s safe to say that i’m a lucky girl.

because i’m surrounded by the nicest people around me  every single day and MORE because i share my birthday with the nicest, coolest, smartest and awesomest  person in the world {my twin brother …  in case you haven’t guessed that already. if you haven’t you should really go back and read my previous posts}

god is GOOD. life is good

hope you had a good weekend too.

happy monday!

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