birthday week.


it’s my birthday week and my friend’s and family haven’t stopped reminding me about it.

as if i need reminding ;) i really love them.

i’ve decided to book a room at trident for the weekend.

i’m really lucky my birthday falls on the weekend this year. though it’s a working saturday.

just my luck.

however there are SO many things i’m really grateful about this year which are

my friends

my rockstar family. there is NOTHING i’d change about any of them.

my job.

and my city. i loveee MUMBAI {even though you might not agree} and everytime i go on a vacation i realise how happy i am to be back. ALWAYS.

oh and BABIES. they are so innocent. god brought us good in into this world! {few of us  unfortunately decided to change that about ourselves. just a FEW}

i think i need to open a creche. so then it could be my job. playing with babies that is.

how fun would that be??


ps: look what came with my cupcakes this weekend. a crane! #thegoodcraneweekend

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