breakfast at social

after a v. hard time at work this past month we finally got the long weekend off.

four days straight … and that’s BIG if you work in a law firm, like i do.

law firms don’t really believe in giving holidays. even the public holidays which everyone else seems to be getting off :/

decided to make the most of it. on friday morning tanushree and i went to social for breakfast.

although we left not being satisfied with what we ate {blueberry pancakes which were v chewy and scrambled eggs which was bland} i still love that place.

something about the vibe, makes me so partial about it.


^^ love the glasses. so different.. also i always like it when they pay attention to details. ^^


^^ they have a concept of breakfast trays at social. which is why we went there on the first place.. but is it just me or do the pancakes look as un – appealing as they tasted?^^




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