breakfast at zoe

my friend surabhi is in town. while she isn’t here, she’s busy studying business at the columbia business school in new york city.

we had a stay over at home {like old times} and stayed up late talking about all that we had been upto this past year. and all the new people we’d met and got to know {more her than I}

then we got up really early and went to cafe zoe for breakfast.

ate the sun-dried tomato pesto with poached egg on rye toast {SOO good}, scrambled eggs, the traditional liege waffle and the banana and nutella smoothie.

it was so much fun catching up with her and listening to all her B – School stories.

it was almost as if she’d never left.

i’ve missed her. and meeting her after all this time made me realise about how grateful i am to have such inspiring, positive and smart people like her in my life.




p.s. reading/ watching the news this past week has been disturbing.

it’s shocking how inhuman we as a race our capable of being. scary almost. how a few of us, who have reached the point of no return, are capable of causing such a great capacity of harm to the rest of our race.

i find myself feeling guilty at how little i did to help.

or how easy it is for us to get back to our routines right after. is there a way we could make a change?

that’s something i need to think about. something we all need to think about.

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