breakfast club

we had a perfect meal a few weeks ago.

at this place is called the breakfast club, innsbruck.

it was 9 am on a saturday morning. we had a train to catch at 12 to go to munich. we were looking for a good cafe/ restaurant that would serve us some good breakfast.

the night before we had gone to an all meat restaurant {that dint serve chicken}and i had starved while the others ate with a big smile on their faces. let’s just say i wasn’t too happy about it and am not very pleasant when i’m hungry.

we’d read about the breakfast club but weren’t sure where exactly it was. there was no wifi around too. and then while walking the streets of innsbruck {which now that i think of it, is a really small town} we just happened upon it. ta-da!

it has an indoor and outdoor section. we sat outdoors, obviously {how i wish we had that option here in mumbai.. the whole outdoor dining experience, is something i really miss}

the view was beautiful, as it is just about any where you go in innsbruck.

the menu was adorable. they had all these cute breakfast combos and a welcome note.


we ordered the peer pressure. an extravagant breakfast for 2 combo .


it was the perfect choice – two whole trays filled with all things delishhhhus ..


since it was so early in the morning, and slightly cold they had these colorful, soft blankets to keep you warm. we learnt something that day – that coffee and prosecco is not a bad combination at all


all in all it was one of my favorite meals. ever.


now to only get someone to open an all day breakfast place in mumbai. and bring the alps along too.

though i’m not sure it would have the same charm here. what do you think?

happy monday !! xoxo

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