i’ve noticed that the bridal shower concept has been catching on in India too. almost everyone seems to be doing one. here are the pictures of the one we had for a friend last week.

fun/ cute things we did at the bridal shower??   …..

we played board games. and question games. and some more games.

we had a pink theme. all girls had to wear pink only. (surprisingly no one really ended up following that theme other than ashni!! – the bride-to-be)

we got girly cupcakes. with the ashni’s favorite things on each of them

we got shot glasses for everyone. with a logo for the bride to be and the date of the shower inscribed.

and of course.. we had FOOD and drinks.

it was such a good time, i’m going to throw one for all my friends.

hmmm maybe i shouldn’t actually type that down though. if maybe i don’t end up.

Happy Wedding ashni naman!

p.s. sorry once again for the bad quality pictures. these were taken from my phone. still have to get the ones we took from the camera. i’ll update this blog after.

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