bruges is most definitely one of the most beautiful cities i’ve been to {that’s two ‘mosts’ for you right there in order to enable you to understand the intensity with which i say that}

its very small {like a little village} and you can tour the entire city in couple of hours. but every part of the city will leave you breathless.

it’s like the entire city is made up of pinterest¬† travel pictures. i kid not.

we left our hotel in brussels at 8 am and it was a 2 hour drive to bruges.

we spent the entire day there.

started the day with a walking tour around the city of bruges. we saw beautiful churches, narrow cobbled lanes, horse carriages and canals with swans. we went on a canal cruise and even visited a brewery and had freshly brewed beer.

it was a dream

the city is also filled with tiny chocolate and lace shops and the streets were filled with the aroma of freshly made chocolates {can it get dreamier?}

it is such a romantic city. it’s sad A couldn’t be there with me.

oon our way back to brussels i made a mental note that i’d be back with him.. soon.








^^ the canal cruise is a must and is inexpensive. the guy who was guiding us even played the indian national anthem at the end of the tour and we all stood up on the boat. it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip^^







^^ you cannot leave this city without trying out the frites with extra spicy mayo sauce. we finished at least 2 portions each and still couldn’t get enough!^^



^^ also i’ve already mentioned that the waffles all over belgium are mind blowing and lived up to every bit of what we’d heard about them! ^^

my photography skills are NOT good enough to capture the beauty of this place.

it’s breathtaking and i loved having the chance to visit bruges..

if i have it my way i will be back soon :)

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