i’ve already mentioned before on the blog.. that my office decided to take us to amsterdam/ belgium this past weekend.

for an offsite.

we had a blast.

each day was better than the previous one. if that were even possible.

we spent the entire first day in brussels.

we stayed at the vander valk hotel. which is a 10 minute drive from the airport. it had great breakfast and rooms. but was situated on the outskirts of the city. and some days when we decided to extend our nights for a bit longer we had to take a long and expensive cab ride back to the hotel.


^^ my favorite part of the hotel was this outdoor cabin which was beautifully decorated ^^




^^ we took a bus tour across the city center. it was beautiful and cold. how i miss that weather now that i’m back in mumbai and its like living in an oven.^^



^^ we had lunch at chez leon, this quaint little restaurant situated off the grand place. lunch was a five course meal of salad, soup, frites, spaghetti and caramel custard^^






^^ after lunch we roamed around the city and ate the best nuttela waffles the world has to offer {i kid not!} it was small waffle shop right opposite the godiva chocolate shop near the grand place.^^

later into the night we went bar hopping. and if there’s one thing i loved the most about brussels, it is the surprisingly good night life the city has to offer. the area around grand place is buzzing with bars/ clubs at all times of the night.

at 2 am the city was packed and buzzing like no other 24/7 city. maybe it was that good because it was easter weekend or maybe that’s just how the city rolls.

some of the good bars and places we went to were o’reilly’s and golden bar.


on our last day in brussels we visited the mini europe park and the atomium, which if i had to go back again, i’d give a miss….

I am SO grateful for the chance we got to visit this city with all of my colleagues. it was such a good time!! so much more than i had expected it to be.

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