budapest love <3

our last day in berlin was spent shopping so not much to write about that. on sunday we reached budapest. and fell in love with the city

it is such a beautiful, romantic and at the same time fun place. there’s this great vibe to it, which you feel almost instantly.

the day we landed there was a flood scare, because the danube was overflowing and we were pretty much stranded in our hotel the whole day.

we had hungarian food for dinner which is basically meat in paprika sauce with egg gnocchi. it was nice but not something i’d eat again.

while in budapest we spent an entire day a vaci utca which is budapest’s most touristy street, with shops and quaint restaurants dotting both sides of the street. it’s always packed with tourists. we pretty much went restaurant hopping the entire day in the street itself. by 7 pm we were so tired and bloaty that we passed out. unfortunately for us our hotel was in buda, whereas the tourist attractions are in pest so we had to walk up and down the chain bridge every time we weren’t in the mood to splurge on a taxi.

….but now that i think of it considering the amount of food we ate maybe the added exercise wasn’t that bad a thing after all. so hey, when you go to budapest maybe you should stay in buda too {added bonus the walk on the chain bridge is breathtakingly beautiful}

there are SO many things to do in budapest that our 4 days there just weren’t enough. the citadel, the heroes square, andrassy avenue, deek and ferenk square {which by the way is the coolest night spot in the city, you’ll know when you go there on week nights!}, the castle, the parliament, the fisherman’s bastion… i could go on.

every part of the city has it’s on charm and to top that they had open bars right in the middle to the streets {!!}. something i haven’t come across in another city before.

bydapest is a young. there are young people everywhere, hordes of them, which probably adds to its zesty vibe. i could write posts and posts on the fun time we had there but then that would just make me nostalgic and you bored! so i’ll stop here and let the pictures talk ;)

p.s. i’ve been making a conscious effort to stop posting about my vacation and start posting about my life here in mumbai. but somehow it just isn’t interesting enough!



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