catching up on some much needed zzzzz

in other news

i cooked pasta. alio olio. for my best friends.

and it made me realise¬† that i’m not very modest and i thought it was the tastiest thing ever {even though alio olio is probably the easiest food to make in the world . . except, i guess, sandwiches}

i visited church with karishma (a first for me not for her) and made a wish list which i dropped into the prayer box.

and it made me realise how blessed i am because i had such little to ask god for.

we went for a jog. on worli sea face on sunday evening

and it made me realise that jogging on worli seaface on a sunday evening is not the BEST idea. have you seen the amount of people that come there just to oggle??

went to oven fresh for a late lunch with the family

and it made me realise that we should go there more often than we do. i mean have you tried their freshly made chocolate donuts?

too many realizations for a day??

hope you had a good weekend.

hey week, i’m ready for you.




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