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3 more days until i get to live with them again.



i’m done with the ‘parents are away lets party’ mode.

it’s been almost a month now and i miss them.

**the best stage**


i’m at ‘that’ age, where just about everybody around me is either seriously dating and just about to marry or is already married. or then looking to. or not looking to. basically it’s just a whole lot of stress for us 25/26 year olds out there.

and of course i worry about it. sometimes. and try my hardest to not be complacent about the way things are. and i do get people asking me about it after which i get defensive or i start thinking. over thinking even.

but i  have faith that things will work out eventually. when they have to. because they always do right??

and there’s no point rushing it. just as there’s no point rushing anything.

because this is the stage when i get to travel to all these different places with all these amazing people.

work harder than i ever have before. make something of myself in my field {??!}.

oh and blog. i get to blog. take pictures. lots of pictures.

meet new people {seriously the amount of different amazing people i have met this past year alone is just crazy}.

experience so many things i never thought i ever ever would.

i get to spend all the time i want with my parents {which is great because they are the cutest}

and just be plain productive.

and these times they will never come back again, and i’m glad i’ve been given a chance to get to do this. honestly i wouldn’t mind if time slowed down for a little while and lingered a bit right here. because these times, this stage of my life right now??? is my favourite. really really my favourite.

she’s pretty fearless like that….


that’s my mum with a snake over her shoulders

happy monday !!! <3