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if 50 million people say something foolish it is still foolish

this post is about all sorts of randomness.

the odd post heading is actually from one of my favorite chapters of this new book i’ve been reading called ‘the art of thinking clearly’ . it’s a book which gives you a lot to think about and learn {and let’s pretend i did not just start reading it JUST because it says on the cover that it’s ‘a million copy bestseller’ …because that would go against the whole point of the title wouldn’t it??}

often, i find myself succumbing to other people’s views or caring too much about what others think of my choices. to the point that i start doubting my own choices too.

that needs to change. and i’m on the right path with this book on this fateful monday morning. finally.

also i read this article this morning on medium about whether we are all living an authentic life.  it was insightful and has  some word exercises that came along with it which helped make things so much clearer.

…. and now for the food part of this post {because no post here in complete without food right?}

last week we took my sister to so many restaurants in mumbai. the one’s that she’d been wanting to go to {she’s coming to mumbai after 2 whole years so there were a lot on the list} we went to burma burma, out of the blue {she wanted sizzlers because apparently no restaurant in new york serves them}, the big kahuna {formerly trader vic’s mai tai lounge} and the masala library.


^^ we had the cottage cheese in paprika sauce at out of the blue {we asked them to replace the rice with noodles} and let me confess – i’d almost forgotten how much i LOVE sizzlers ^^


^^ the customary family picture outside masala library. the first time we went to masala library we dint come back very happy.but this time around we were much more satisfied. special recommendations: the assorted bread platter, the pesto kababs and the ghewar cheesecake.^^


^^ on sunday a few friends and i went to the tapped beer fest at woodhouse gymkhana, colaba and the waffle sticks from the waffle house were AMAZING.  they came in all these different flavours. i tried the apple cinnamon and was not disappointed^^

around here – diwali

as i already mentioned – i loved diwali this year.

last few years i’ve been either traveling during diwali or working. which, i realised this year i,s such a bad idea because who would want to not be in the city during it’s best???


^^ my sister and i^^


^^ we had a pooja at A’s house on Sunday {which was fun and traditional and sort of like an engagement} ^^


^^ with the brothers at a friend’s card party. my favorite part of diwali: the card parties!!^^


^^ us <3 ^^

these times.^^

so the other day i was watching the hunger games {which btw i really really like} and i was at the part where katniss is talking to peter mellark on the night before they were to enter the hunger games arena and he’s telling her how he did not want to lose himself inside. and if he were to die he wanted to die just as he was without changing himself/ his personality {like becoming a killer/ hunter}. and then katniss looks at him like she understands where he is coming from but says i can’t think the way you do, i have my sister.

that moment — i had tears in my eyes. because the love she had for her sister primrose is SOO real and genuine. you don’t get to see that kind of love anymore. not too often at least.

the whole thought made decide to make all efforts to be more like katniss in that aspect. to love more deeply, selflessly without expecting  anything in return.

i would hate to become a victim of the  ‘it’s cool to be cold’ mentality.

….and now on a totally different note. can we talk about food??

saturday night was date night.

we went to indigo deli at palladium. and we had such a good meal.

chorizo and scarmoza pizza.

scrambled eggs with potatoes and toast.

sauteed balsamic mushrooms.

and the best dessert i have ever had {no kidding}—- the apple cinnamon + blueberry steamed pudding with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. and raspberry extract.

the food was SO great and the company wasn’t bad either ;)


^^ no picture of the world’s best dessert because we were too busy devouring it to take pictures.^^


^^ us at friend’s party after… ^^

3 more days until i get to live with them again.



i’m done with the ‘parents are away lets party’ mode.

it’s been almost a month now and i miss them.

because doing a job is SO 2013 …

i read this amah-zing article on the huffington post a few days ago which gave me a LOT to think about.

you should read it too. and then let’s quickly come up with a business idea please??

+ On saturday we celebrated mother’s day …





since mum has been wanting to try out 212 since a while now and dad wasn’t at home {he’s not a fan of italian} we went there . it’s one my favorite italian restaurants in the city. we had the lasagna, baked camembert with a rockette leaves salad and the minestrone pesto soup.and  i love my mum <3

and then he had to leave

my brother, arjun, leaves for frisco on sunday.

His time here in Mumbai flew by so quickly……

save for the bike mishap/ accident, i think he had a good time.

last night we went to hard rock cafe. i had forgotten how much i love hard rock. it has this whole happy vibe going for it.

what started as quick stop for a bite, turned out to be one GOOD night.

all that fun last night is making me groggy this morning at work.

but the good thing is it’s FRIDAY. AND a long weekend.

i’ve been having the best week. too bad he has to leave.


^^ that’s us being happy, arjun has that effect on us. without even trying. you should get to know him …^^

he shall be missed.



arjun vora.

my twin ;) and fellow coolio {extreme left}

at three wise men, santacruz on 15th April, 2014.

karaoke – ing with his friends.

so… he’s back! for too few days. but days never the less.

happy thursday xoxo

we crave a different kind off buzz ..


i loved royals by lorde. so you could guess my excitement when it won at the grammys.

once in a while .. in the fast paced lives that we all live in, where we tend to get carried away by our surroundings, we may need something as random as a pop song to remind us of a few life lessons. {i talk about me here of course, so take no offense}

i’m not trying to be preachy here so i wont actually write down life lessons, but i’m sure you’ll get what i mean once you actually carefully hear the song.

often i forget to be more simple in my thoughts. to value the simple things i have in my life. i’ve come to realise over time that more often than not, the simple things are those which make us the happiest.

i’m grateful i have a family that always reminds me of the same. that teaches me to live right. SOMEHOW they seem to have got it all down to the notch. i, on the other hand, am still learning.

SO -  i’m going to make a list…. just as a reminder. and come back to this every once in a while when i really need to.

10 things that make me the happiest

hugs and kisses

babies. hearing them talk or laugh. or do anything really.

working out.

my family. conversations with my siblings always put a smile on my face.

cooking a meal. and then eating it yourself after. it somehow tastes so much better.

hanging out with my friends. in my bed. just laughing and discussing random senseless issues.

music. listening to my favorite song on the radio.

reading blog posts. posts that inspire me. or simple ones that just make me happy. like this one here.

getting appreciated for a job well done at work after putting hours of hard work into it.

writing down my thoughts. here.

…. and there these are just to name a few.

happy ‘one day to go for v-day’ everybody!! because you always need a reason to celebrate the people you love.


p.s.  picture is of chandni and I in dubai this sunday. at i – hop having pancakes.

i think i maybe live to eat and not the other way round


^^ we went to indigo deli for lunch yesterday. sunday lunches has become a family ritual for us. i love them. oh and this pizza is one of my favourite in the city^^


^^ and this burger was pretty good too.  dad finished it in 5 mins flat. and he generally isn’t such a fast eater. so i’d know^^


^^ and my parents and I. they look so cute here. i love them and i cannot say that enough. so bear with me^^

we had a great great meal if you ignore the grilled veggies (seen in this picture} my mum insisted on calling for. i’m not a fan of healthy food.

also not seen in this post but have you tried the thai curry at mai tai?? it’s my favourite thai curry in the city currently. and yesterday evening i may have had the whole bowl on my own.

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papa’s birthday and a beautiful city called udaipur <3

we went away this past weekend to udaipur. we left friday night and were back monday morning before work. so it was a short, sweet vacation and bonus points — no leave required { because is it just me or is taking a leave during december extra hard? it’s like all the bosses are on super alert mode this month}

we stayed at uday kothi which is this v cute boutique hotel on the banks on lake picchola. i loved the hotel. it was perfect. the view, the food, the service and oh the pool. ya that was something else.

at udaipur we celebrated papa’s birthday at this lakeside rooftop restaurant called upre. it may have been one of the best restaurants i’ve been to ever. the view was breathtaking. we also visited the city palace, ate some italian {pesto gnocchi, grilled chicken and pumpkin soup} at savage garden, had the yogurt parfait at pap’s juice {it’s called energy booster on menu and if you ever do end up going to udaipur it’s definitely a must eat} and visited shrinathji which is an hours drive away for our ritual prayers {dad’s a big believer and to think of it so are we really} at shrinathji we tried the rajasthani special dal bati! it was crazy good but also filled with an abnormal amount of ghee. but then you don’t get to eat it everyday. so we had it anyway.

i’m glad we all took out time to make this trip happen. papa was always complaining about how we don’t spend enough time alone as a family. and i was always feeling bad because a lot of that had to do with me. but he DID say that he was having the best time atleast a 100 times.  and so … mission accomplished!

now we’re back, all refreshed and back to work. hey long work week {saturday’s working}!  i’m ready for you.

and also i almost forgot ….happy birthday papa, you know we love you!


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wedding fever

i kid you not when i tell you that i have been out every night since december began. so many weddings to attend. it’s insane. it’s tiring and it’s fun

i’m seriously loving every minute of it.

getting to meet all my friends on a daily basis. and meet all the people that i don’t get to meet as much as i would like to otherwise

weddings have a way of bringing people together. not just the bride and groom. but families, friends and relatives.

also weddings give you the best memories. almost all my favorite memories are wedding related. has a lot to do with the positivity and love in the air.

and which is why i love december

so then it’s a good thing that we’re not even half way through it…

here’s to many more days of happiness. december stay here forever please?

next stop ——-> udaipur. there for my dad’s birthday! can’t wait to spend some quality time with my parents.

my dad

the other day it was 26th November and i was sitting with my mum in my parent’s room watching t.v. after work when my dad came walked in from work.

it was around 11 and he was tired and as soon as he walked into his room and saw me and mum sitting on his bed watching t.v. his face lit up.

he said to me that he still remembered how five years ago this day was one of his favorite days.

it was the day of the mumbai terror attacks. and although he was mourning with the rest of our city he said it was the only time in the past decade during which i spent that SO much time with him. just me and him. we sat in bed for three days in a row. i was literally clinging on to him the whole time. scared. watching the news waiting to see how it all ended. he was so grateful i was with him on his bed safe and sound instead of the taj or oberoi. and that he said was one his favorite days.

that’s my dad for you. he’s a family man. he’d do anything for us. and we are pretty much the source of all his happiness

that’s my favorite quality about him.

i love him and being born in december might have a little to do with the fact that december is my favorite time of the year ;)

and now to end this post with a very cool picture of my dad


he’s cool like that…