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style loving


love everything about this look….

and everything about this swimsuit.


looks i love this season <3


just shopped this look on asos this weekend. am in love with it. can’t wait for it to get here!

currently craving <3

this bag from the new moschino collection  ….


^^ i mean you’ll do know about my love for Mac D right?? ^^

looks i love this season <3


^^ all things plaid + black and white is my favorite combination^^


^^ white sneakers are still all the rage ^^


^^ sweater weather finally ^^

all available at zara india.


^^ boy friend jeans + ripped = my favorite kind of denim^^


^^ sweats and sneakers. i got mine from H & M ^^

last two available on asos.


have you shopped from jabong? i tried it the other day and has a great experience.

i had been looking for/ wanting comfortable boots for my impending vacation to a colder country and since i do not know of many places in mumbai which sell boots {i mean because really, the weather here does not exactly require it} i decided to check out jabong.

i had been reading a lot about it and wanted to check out all the hype.

within a few minutes i found the perfect pair AND for a super great price {i used a random voucher i found online and got a 30% off on the already low price} ! and they delivered in 3 days flat!!

i tried on the boots and they fit perfectly.

now the only problem is i think i might be addicted to online shopping. and that’s never a great thing. i mean have you read the shopoholic series???


borrowed my mum’s shoes the other night


sometimes she really does manage to surprise me with her taste.

i am absolutely in love with these and i don’t think she’s getting them back. but she doesn’t mind.

she’s cool like that.

here comes september…


september is going to be a good month. it’s already started of SO much better than what august was.

also this month i travel to munich. for the oktoberfest. apart from munich we are also visiting innsbruck and salzburg which are both just a 2 hour train ride from munich.

just looking at the pictures gets me excited. i can’t wait to visit.

while i was surfing the net the other day i decided to check out the weather in and around munich while i visit. google says it should be between 15/ 20 to 5/10 (highs and lows) during the period.

it made me think about winter wear {i’m from mumbai so anything below 20 is winter wear for me} i’m pretty bad about the whole winter/ fall fashion thing. not sure i know how to put together outfits for the cold considering i’ve never had to before.

so i spent hours on pinterest and other fashion blogs trying to figure what people wear or what the new fall trends were. but then i read this blog post and i really connected with what she says. about focusing on the girl inside rather than the clothes outside and trying to think about how i want to feel rather than look. how i want to come across to people around me and even strangers.

warm, comfortable, happy, a bit sporty and a bit girly.

and i immediately thought of long coats, loose sweaters, leggings and ankle boots. now i can’t wait to buy those. since i don’t have any.

also on a different note, the place i am most looking forward to visit {besides oktoberfest, ofcourse} is innsbruck {see pic above} my parents visited this summer and they loved it.

i CANNOT wait!

september is going to be a good month!

shoe crush <3




im loving sneakers this season. white sneakers. they are comfortable, cool and stylish.

i have my eyes on a white converse pair. wonder where i will get those?!

also here’s an article this week on the lauren conrad website on sneakers.

p.s. all pics are from fashionvibe

birkenstocks – i’m loving these this season..




they are every where this season. i picked up similar ones from bershka, spain. though i can’t seem to find them on the website anymore. sold out? maybe.

but there are these fancy ones from topshop too

they are stylish, super comfortable and they make you look taller {without the added discomfort}.

images courtesy: zinafashionvibe and bleubird




in your free time do check out this website. it has the best swim suits and sports bras that i’ve ever worn. {i own both the above styles}

also they are so comfortable that sometimes i sleep in mine.

also did you know that not wearing the right kind of bras while gym-ing can increase the chances of one contracting breast cancer? i’m not sure if that’s entirely true but i’m not taking any risks with that one.

all products in the website are german made. by a multi national company in germany called anita. they are pioneers is breast cancer rehabilitation.

so ….. if you need to stock up on swim suits, sports bras which are not only stylish but also of the best quality do check this website out.

they have free delivery too!

p.s. it also happens to be founded by one of my favorite people. just saying.

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i’m loving these, this season..

summer is for white. oh and for colors. lots and lots of colors. i am specially loving the denim jumpsuit this season. it’s my go-to! also can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. which makes it so simple. i will be sad the day they are no longer considered as cool.

all of the above can be found at zara. except for the denim dungarees. those are from madewell, but similar ones can be found at united colors of benetton.

p.s. i maybe guilty of buying almost all of the above this past weekend…

things around here lately …

i have been meaning to blog for a while but haven’t gotten to it.

this weekend was a good one.

for starters because i finally got around to buying myself denim dungarees. had been looking for them all over Mumbai and never really found them anywhere until this Saturday when I was in phoenix and happened to walk past ucb {united colors of benetton} which, by the way, RARELY happens because it’s so far away from all the good stores. and there it was on the mannequin and it fit just right.

god has a way of answering my prayers. in his own little way, i tell you.


^^went for lunch with the family to smoke house deli and had eggs for lunch.  it was a good meal. also i still have never understood why eggs is breakfast ONLY. who made that rule again, can anyone explain it to me??^^


^^ spent a lot of my saturday in office reading this magazine. it’s my favourite.. and after years of wanting have finally gotten myself to subscribe for it.^^


^^ spent my sunday having lunch, dinner and everything in between with him and my friends. it was good time and i love how i never get enough of them^^

counting my blessings ….but then monday arrived. just kidding ;)

happpy week!!!