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san francisco


the last time i went to san francisco was eight years ago. i was there for three days. with friends. it was such a great experience. i’d never seen a city like that before. the vibe was just so different. laid-back yet inspiring.

looking back i always felt i didn’t get enough of ‘frisco’. i wanted So more of it.

then.. a few years later my twin brother moved there. and last year my sister and her husband moved there too. so now, me going there again was inevitable. but the thought of sitting in an 18 hour flight made me delay this much needed trip for months/ years(?)

i booked my tickets the day leheir was born. literally just a few hours later.  my much needed incentive.

i leave in three days. A leaves tomorrow. he booked an earlier flight. we will also be going to las vegas and carmel.

but what i’m most looking forward to is holding…


this cute little baby. she’s going to be three months the day i land.

can’t wait to see her beautiful face up close. and give her a million kisses.

the only people for me are the mad ones


a few days ago on the suggestion of another blogger, i bought the kindle version of ‘blackout: remembering the things i drank to forget’ by sarah hepola.

i am quite literally in love with this book. and i’m only halfway through. can’t remember the last time a book has made me laugh this hard.

generally, i tend to read books which are a lot more serious.

this book makes me realize how much i love reading or listening to clean honest words. i love it when people write/ talk with no inhibitions. people who are truly themselves. no holds barred. no pretensions. they maybe mad to some, crazy to others but to me – they are my kind of people.

if someone had to ask me what i would have chosen to be, had i not been a lawyer – i’d say a writer. but i’d go to grammar class first. my sister never misses a chance to point out one of the million grammatical errors in my blog posts… in my defense – legal drafting is to blame  and only lawyers would know what i mean by that ;)

things about us

  • we met at a wedding in goa. he was the best man. she made the first move.
  • one year and 6 months later he proposed in goa. it was her birthday.


  • he stalked her all the way to madras cafe once. she was having lunch with her  mum. it was their first week , dating.
  • he still denies it. says it was a ‘coincidence’
  • he has a dog named hugo. when they first started dating he had to lock hugo in the terrace before she  agreed to step into his house.
  • these days hugo refuses to eat unless she’s sitting besides him. he likes to watch her face while he eats
  • he isn’t afraid to pick up snakes.
  • she is scared of cockroaches.
  • we both love good food. and make it a point to go on a date at least once a week
  • he doesn’t like her late work hours. he doesn’t eat dinner till she gets home from work. even if its 11 pm.
  • he drives way too fast.
  • she doesn’t know how to drive.
  • she loves  planning  his birthdays. even months in advance. he doesn’t really like birthdays.
  • he has a temper.
  • she loves sharing a room with him.
  • he doesn’t like sharing his pillow. he has a designated one.
  • some days he doesn’t let her get out of bed. she gets late to work those days.
  • we fight a lot. sometimes they lasts for more than a day.
  • eventually we make up. and those days..they are the very best.