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puri, orissa

i’ve been MIA for a while because of all the traveling that’s been going on.

but the sweetest thing happened today. and it’s not the first time it’s happened {:)}

i was at work on a saturday evening {one of the worst times of the week to be at work} and this intern who’s been working with our firm for a month {or two?} now comes up to me on her last day and says “madam i’ve been  been meaning to tell you this since the day i joined, i’m a big fan of you and your blog”


she made my day.that girl.

and gave me the push i needed so very much to post something.

last weekend we were in puri, orissa for a colleagues wedding.

i’ve never been to puri. or orissa for that matter.

it was a pleasant surprise. did you know they call puri – the goa of the east??

the drive from the bhubaneshwar airport to puri is absolutely gorgeous. tall green palm trees everywhere.


we stayed at sterling resorts which was cool because it had it’s own private beach.

and a beautiful pool.



^^ the hotel pool and next ..the private beach which was beautiful! ^^


^^ yes you guessed right > the bride and groom at their varmala ceremony ^^


^^ the haldi, he’s a punjabi and so after his clothes were torn. it was fun to watch ;)^^






^^ me, us, the bride and the golden sand beaches!^^

it was the first destination wedding, actually make that first WEDDING i have attended with my office colleagues. it was so much fun to get to interact them outside of work. sometimes your interaction is so minimal and of a different kind when it’s restricted to the office.

it makes me realise how no matter where or which part of the country we are from we are all so similar deep down.


happy weekend!


this quote right here …>>>


i’ve mentioned this quote before. {here}

it came back to me today when i was going through the interviews of the oscar nominees. the actresses.

i read interviews of reese witherspoon, rosamund pike and marion cotillard. those 15 minutes left me inspired. more than i thought i would be.

these actresses.. they aren’t just good looking or talented. there’s so much more to them. they speak surprisingly intelligently. are SO humble. and they all have something in common – a vision. a vision that is beyond just being famous or making lots of money.

apart from being one of america’s most famous actresses – reese witherspoon is a producer. she has produced movies like gone girl and wild {she’s an oscar nominee for best actress for her role in this movie}

she said in one of the her interviews that “All I ever set out to do was create interesting roles—not good girls, not bad girls, just complex women in lead roles. To have these three performances recognized, and more importantly, have audiences go see these movies

It just shows you there’s a huge audience for films with complex female roles.

it’s very inspiring to see women get to the top. in all fields, all over the world.

i’m no feminist.

but it’s inspiring to read about these women.

it makes us realise about HOW much the human mind is capable of. specially when we are really passionate about something.

now only to find what I’M really passionate about ;)

things i need to follow in 2015 starting from this picture right below >>>


1) stay fit, stay healthy.  hit the gym more often. cut down or STOP my diet coke consumption {oaky, that also applies to my fried food consumption ;p}

2) be positive. more often that i am. practice being grateful every single day. look for the good in things and in people.

3) work harder. stay goal oriented. strive to be better at what i do. aim high. and surround my self with people that inspire and motivate me.

4) read more. about the world. about the calamities that other countries are facing {it’s surprising how little i know about so many problems facing humanity today} it keeps you grounded and makes you want to work towards making the world a nicer place to live in.

5) learn how to drive {about time right?}

6) be nicer to people. go out of your way for people whenever you can. travel as much as you can. meet new people. learn about their life and their stories. blog more often. capture my experiences. in words and in pictures.



2014 has been a good and bad year.

good because i dated and then got engaged to my soon-to-be husband. i’ve visited some beautiful countries with people who i love (spain, germany and austria) i’ve met some great new people and i’ve learnt so much – at work and other wise.

2014 may have been my hardest year yet. things have started to get serious.  i’ve realised that as we grow older life gives you more responsibilities and with that comes more pressure/ stress. which never really goes away. just dies down for a few days and then comes right back.

i’ve realised that nothing good comes easy. and whatever good you have in your life, you have to work constantly to maintain. may it be your relationships and/ or even your work status. life is not all roses and rainbows and people with good/ right intentions don’t always triumph {you’d think i’d have learnt that already considering im 27 right?? but i’m a bit naive it took me a WHILE to get here}

looking back it may not have been ALL good. and it brought with it few of my hardest days. but it’s most definitely prepared me. toughened me. and made me stronger – to face all the years that are to come.

also …..


ummm hello my favorite month of the year!

i hope you live up to my sky high expectations.

{like you almost always do}

i’ve decided and promised myself to make each and every day this month a special one.

happy december guys! xoxo


last month was hard for me work wise. not more so because of the hours but just because of the environment at work.

found my self re-thinking about a lot of my career decisions/ choices.

but then thanksgiving week came in and it felt like something just smacked me.

i could spend all the hours in the day being disappointed or complaining but then that’s just very exhausting and honestly i’m pretty sure my friends and family don’t like hanging with me any more ;) instead if i really think about it i  have SOO much more to be grateful about.


^^ like this crazy good family of mine. i love them. and wish i could be celebrating thanksgiving with them.^^

i’m also thankful for the weekend that’s almost here ;), for ‘A’ for always always teaching me the right thing to do, not giving up on me and making me a better person, my salary {because right now.. that’s the only good thing i take away from my job ;)}, for bollywood music and the fun late night drives with my friends where we’ve sang aloud – not in tune {it’s just SO DE-stressful} and lastly i’m thankful for my phone that’s is perfectly working no matter how many times i’ve dropped it and how many cracks it has suffered all over. it just refuses to give up on ;)

happy friday! xoxo

hope we have the BEST weekend. xoxo

quarter-life crisis

read this really good article on 25 things you should know by the time you turn 25 and i think it’s a pretty cool article…

few of my favorite lines from the article -

On being happy – “I thought I needed certain things to be happy. I eventually learned that we are the catalyst of our own happiness and it’s much easier to be happy than bitter

On protecting your dreams – “Don’t let anyone tell you your dream isn’t possible. People who are too scared to chase their own dreams will try to crush yours

On being confident – “Confidence is the key to becoming successful at pretty much anything in life

On failing – “If you really want something, you have to be willing to fail to get it

On traveling – “I don’t travel nearly as much as I’d like to, but every time I do, I make memories that I won’t soon forget and learn something about the place I visit, as well as about myself

On taking risks – “The biggest risk you can ever take is not taking any risks. Take risks while you’re young because as you get older and obtain more responsibilities, taking risks will become more, well, risky

and On family – “Your friends and family are everything. When everything else fails, your family will have your back

so much to learn from this.

if 50 million people say something foolish it is still foolish

this post is about all sorts of randomness.

the odd post heading is actually from one of my favorite chapters of this new book i’ve been reading called ‘the art of thinking clearly’ . it’s a book which gives you a lot to think about and learn {and let’s pretend i did not just start reading it JUST because it says on the cover that it’s ‘a million copy bestseller’ …because that would go against the whole point of the title wouldn’t it??}

often, i find myself succumbing to other people’s views or caring too much about what others think of my choices. to the point that i start doubting my own choices too.

that needs to change. and i’m on the right path with this book on this fateful monday morning. finally.

also i read this article this morning on medium about whether we are all living an authentic life.  it was insightful and has  some word exercises that came along with it which helped make things so much clearer.

…. and now for the food part of this post {because no post here in complete without food right?}

last week we took my sister to so many restaurants in mumbai. the one’s that she’d been wanting to go to {she’s coming to mumbai after 2 whole years so there were a lot on the list} we went to burma burma, out of the blue {she wanted sizzlers because apparently no restaurant in new york serves them}, the big kahuna {formerly trader vic’s mai tai lounge} and the masala library.


^^ we had the cottage cheese in paprika sauce at out of the blue {we asked them to replace the rice with noodles} and let me confess – i’d almost forgotten how much i LOVE sizzlers ^^


^^ the customary family picture outside masala library. the first time we went to masala library we dint come back very happy.but this time around we were much more satisfied. special recommendations: the assorted bread platter, the pesto kababs and the ghewar cheesecake.^^


^^ on sunday a few friends and i went to the tapped beer fest at woodhouse gymkhana, colaba and the waffle sticks from the waffle house were AMAZING.  they came in all these different flavours. i tried the apple cinnamon and was not disappointed^^

these times.^^

so the other day i was watching the hunger games {which btw i really really like} and i was at the part where katniss is talking to peter mellark on the night before they were to enter the hunger games arena and he’s telling her how he did not want to lose himself inside. and if he were to die he wanted to die just as he was without changing himself/ his personality {like becoming a killer/ hunter}. and then katniss looks at him like she understands where he is coming from but says i can’t think the way you do, i have my sister.

that moment — i had tears in my eyes. because the love she had for her sister primrose is SOO real and genuine. you don’t get to see that kind of love anymore. not too often at least.

the whole thought made decide to make all efforts to be more like katniss in that aspect. to love more deeply, selflessly without expecting  anything in return.

i would hate to become a victim of the  ‘it’s cool to be cold’ mentality.

….and now on a totally different note. can we talk about food??

saturday night was date night.

we went to indigo deli at palladium. and we had such a good meal.

chorizo and scarmoza pizza.

scrambled eggs with potatoes and toast.

sauteed balsamic mushrooms.

and the best dessert i have ever had {no kidding}—- the apple cinnamon + blueberry steamed pudding with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. and raspberry extract.

the food was SO great and the company wasn’t bad either ;)


^^ no picture of the world’s best dessert because we were too busy devouring it to take pictures.^^


^^ us at friend’s party after… ^^

sweetish house mafia + this wonderful world {well most of it anyway}

yesterday post lunch i made a quick trip to todi mills without really informing anyone at work {and my office is really strict about those kind of things.yes  you could call them old school..}

really wanted to check out the sweetish house mafia store. although the formal opening is on friday i.e. 17th September {or so i’ve read} they still had a few batches of cookies for sale.

i got the nutella sea salt cookie and the snickerdoodle. they were both amazing. and i’m craving more already.




^^the store entrance … it’s right next to cafe zoe ^^

in other news … i read this really great article about an incident during 9/11 and its pretty amazing how the world can surprise you when you least expect it. media tends to so often publicize the bad that we so often forget about the good that there is in the world.

new addition on my list of things to do everyday : read one article everyday which inspires you, makes you want to be a better person or just urges you to be more creative and try something new.

would you like to know something?


the other night we went for a movie and they stopped him and asked him to take part in some kind of boxing competition. where he had to punch the punching bag 150 times in 30 seconds. he did it in 20.

and he was so happy. more because he won a mini football and he could give it to me to keep.

sometimes i close my eyes and i genuinely think i’m a nice person. i wish good for people always.

even the ones who have not been very nice to me.

but then i think about all the times i have said things which are not very nice. and end up hurting people in the bargain.

and  of all the times i have taken all the things people do for me for granted and not said enough thank you’s!

i’m trying to change that side of me. i’ve already started.

and i DID go for that movie with him on a saturday night. even though it’s not how i generally like to spend my saturday nights.

so maybe i am part – good .

though i do promise to be better from now onwards.


the rainbow in my cloud


my work life lately is a roller-coaster which only goes down {guess which book?}

more often that not i find myself questioning why is it that i do what i do??

and then there are all these other unresolved questions in my head about the past/ present which has become pretty overbearing…

but then i think about my family, my friends, him, his patience while listening to my work issues everyday this past week

and my impending freedom, although temporary {a.k.a. oktoberfest, more news on that soon}

and then i calm down. a bit.

life is still good.