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5 years today

how time flies.

today {which is a fairly light work day} I got several linked in pop up emails with some of my ex colleagues congratulating me  on my ‘work anniversary’. I clicked on the links out of curiosity – what work anniversary was this? it had only been 10 months since I joined Platinum. the link connected me to my work anniversary here {I had added the url of this blog  to my linked in page a long time ago}. then it hit me, I started this blog  5 years ago, today.

I still remember typing out my first blog post those many years ago. at a different desk on a different computer. I was so passionate about this little project. it was something I had been thinking about for so very long. it was like my very own online diary – noting down all the events, days and moments of my life which I didn’t want to forget. at some point I even wanted to make a career out of it {I still wouldn’t mind actually, if that could work ;)}

SO much has changed since. I’ve moved houses and jobs and met new people. I still look through the blog posts and feel so grateful for all of my experiences {a big reason I started this in the first place – is gratitude}

over time blog posts have appeared less often. but they haven’t stopped. haven’t let go of this domain name and don’t plan to.

my new year resolution for 2017 amongst several others was to blog more. and I plan to stick to it. even if it’s probably a little to late in the year. that’s okay…

life right now? is all about my new job {which is not so new anymore}, oscillating between being overly ambitious on some days and a wanting to be a  house wife on others, marriage {so much to learn, such a long way to go}, family {trying to spend more time with my old and making an effort to get to know the new}, my absolutely adorable niece {who we ALL obsess over} and the moments in between – traveling, hanging with friends and just being.

other random facts/things ..

my new favorite gift to give  – {specially when you have limited notice} – ellipsis bakery -  you can order their glutton-free or multigrain products on scootsy and they deliver it at your doorstep within 20 mins all packed up.


my new favorite office snack – {albeit an unhealthy one}  I recently discovered my childhood favorite, Domino’s {Express Food} chocolate chip cookies on amazon and was ecstatic!

IMG_20170912_155527 (002)

my new favorite drink – mango orange green tea at café zoe

new favorite pass time – playing mono deal with the husband post work

IMG_20170910_173609 (002)

new favorite thing to do ever – watching leheir’s videos on REPEAT.





back to the basics


starting a new job is hard. you have to adjust, adapt and prove yourself all over again. changing two jobs in less than a year is harder.

but it’s a choice we make. one with long-term benefits.

recently i read an article on the importance of emotional intelligence in a professional work environment and it referred to dale carnegie’s book on how to win friends and influence people. growing up i’d heard of this book a thousand times. but never really got down to reading it.

but a few weeks ago i decided to check on what the hype was all about.

the book was published in 1936 and was one of the first and most bestselling self help books ever published. and i get why now. everything in the book, published decades ago, holds true even today. and there’s so much to learn and so v inspiring. once you begin reading it you realise that apart from several other benefits it’s even v helpful in pushing you forward in your career.

i’m about to start reading his other book, how to stop worrying and start living and can’t wait because for one, i know it will make A v happy. he’s always telling me about how i need to get rid of my ridiculous worrying habit.


i’ve had a technical issue and could not access the blog for a while. hence this long over due post.

have been SO busy with work lately that i’ve had no time for pretty much anything else {which includes spending time with A or any from the family for that matter}

also, i’ve started working at a new firm. 2 months ago. somewhere i’ve been wanting to work for a while. squite happy about this change {well, except for the long hours bit}

my 2017 resolution is all about figuring out the perfect  work – life balance. any corporate lawyer out there who has managed to figure it out already, please contact me. i’m all ears!



“Death is a strange thing. People live their whole lives as if it does not exist, and yet it’s often one of the greatest motivations for living. Some of us, in time, become so conscious of it that we live harder, more obstinately, with more fury. Some need its constant presence to even be aware of its antithesis. Others become so preoccupied with it that they go into the waiting room long before it has announced its arrival. We fear it, yet most of us fear more than anything that it may take someone other than ourselves. – Fredrick Backman”

truest lines i have read in a while.

from the book ‘a man called ove’. it’s a new york times best-seller and i can’t wait to begin reading it.

i’ve said this before but nothing beats the feeling of having just finished a great book.

vision board

vision board

about two months ago i decided i need a vision board on my desk.i’ve seen how it has worked wonders for few people i know and thought to myself why not? it always helps having all your goals {however small or big} in front of you while you are at work right? it makes all the long hours we put in on this job seem fairly worth while ;p

the negatives though : a whole lot of questions from your colleagues about the random pictures you put up on your desk.

one month after putting together my vision board, one of them came true. out of nowhere. i mean i did take the first step towards it. but i didn’t, in my wildest dreams, think it would come to me this soon.  {i need to stop being vague and so dramatic. more details on that later}

putting the vision board together itself is a revelation…. there’s so much that went up there, that i didn’t know i wanted till moments before i put it all together.

i would advise everyone to come up with their own vision board. it’s such a fun process. it makes your goals clearer, it gives us more clarity and is there anything more motivating than looking at your goals every day while you work??

life lately


life or should i say people have a sweet way of reminding me to keep blogging. every time i forget about the blog {which seems to happen a lot these days} i get a sweet email from an unknown admirer who’s been reading my posts or a 2 am message  from a best friend in new york asking me why I haven’t been blogging off late.

so here goes…..

  • with each passing year/month/day, i find my self enjoying the law {a.k.a. work} more and more. not sure if its because i have a great boss and team or its just something that comes with age or spending way TOO many hours in office.
  • i DONT like partying as much as i used to. in fact most days, i dont like getting out at all. i prefer my bed. oh and netflix.
  • my favorite thing to do these days is face timing with my niece leheir. i could stare at her all day even though she pretty much does nothing but eat, sleep and stare at nothingness.


  • i came across this pretty amazing article on resilience the other day. and i think every working human should read it atleast once. i’ve read it twice already.
  • i’m starting to develop a taste for coffee {with cinnamon}. its taken 28 long years, but its finally happened.
  • we got a mini bar for our room! and this awesome vintage ‘beers of the world’ tin sign to put above the bar. perks of marriage, i say. cant imagine my parents would have ever  been okay with it back when i lived with them.
  • i’m getting a vision board for my desk at work { even though that would equal to a lot of questions from the colleagues} i think vision boards work. the principle of secret and all that. i strongly recommend it to everybody.
  • we tried out this new japanese restaurant on saturday night. and i can’t stop raving about it. best mushroom hot pot rice with truffle miso butter i have ever had. just writing about it makes me drool.
  • my husband and i talk on the phone at least 16 times a day, while i’m at work. not sure if that’s normal. but it’s just how we roll.

happy list


every time i feel low or just not grateful enough about the way things are, i try to come up with a happy list. sometimes i even ask my friends to email/ message me theirs.

it always works like a charm.

within moments you find your self snapping out of the mind frame you’ve been in and grinning to your self {and getting weird looks from all your colleagues}

right now happens to be one of those moments. so here’s a list of what makes me smile…

1) babies – small, fat, tiny, chubby, black, laughing, crying, white or brown. basically all kinds of babies and absolutely everything about them.

2) the rains. the smell of rain. the feel of it. and how beautiful it makes my city look from the window by my desk.

3) the swedish berries green tea from the coffee bean and tea leaf.

4) snuggling in bed with my husband at the end of a long day at work, watching a crime show on netflix {marvel’s daredevil currently}

5) when a random restaurant you visit surprises you with really good food

6) a glass of sangria {or lets just make that glasses ;)}

7) swimming pools – swimming, floating or just lounging. i’m a water baby, you see.

8) reading a good article or book. an article/ book on reading of which you want to immediately call a friend or husband {in my case} to discuss.

9) memories {happy memories} – memories of family, friends, vacations and of people you once knew.

10) listening to cheerleader by O.M.I. – it’s been around for a while, but the song has a way of lifting my spirits. i try to listen to it on my way to work {when the spirits need lifting the most ;)}

feel better already! would love if you guys could  email me your happy lists, would love to read them!

back to the grind – new beginnings


cannot remember the last time i posted. months.

i was busy getting married. shifting houses. changing families (literally) and shifting jobs.

so much to post about. so many weddings to write about… memories i want to keep with me always, forever.

today marks my one month wedding anniversary. and it’s been one hell of a month. mostly all good. some negatives.

all in all i like being married. and i like my new job.

good changes.

hurdles crossed and goals come closer to being fulfilled

a little life

have spent all of last week reading the ‘shortlisted man booker prize, 2015′ contender – a little life by hanya yanagihara.


i was looking forward to reading it all month after having read a review somewhere on the internet, but had to leave the novel halfway through {more towards the end actually} as it got too depressing for my liking.

i was keen on reading a little life as i had heard that it was a story mainly centered around a brilliant lawyer. living in new york city. and about the hidden trauma he dealt with in his childhood. i expected the childhood trauma to be some what like what theo {the protagonist} dealt with in the goldfinch by donna tartt, i did NOT expect it to be as gruesome or disturbing as it was. not even close.

a first time for me. however i do not regret having read it. there were bits of it which i loved and left me hooked into the wee hours of the night.

often i find myself so consumed by the books i read that it tends to take over my life for those few days. i relate my life to some of the events in the book. and i try to relate to the characters in the book. but why i would decide to read something like this  so close to my wedding is beyond me ;)

in other news {positive for a change} i am LOVING notice period and the freedom and confidence that comes with it. and i’ve already mentioned that before here on the blog. but i want to remember and value every single minute of this time. before things get hard again. so i will continue posting about it ;)

also loving the pre-wedding prep time. my sister always said that looking back these moments will always be the best ones. better than your wedding even. well i don’t know about that yet but i will try to cherish this time as much as i can.

notice period perks


i’m new to this whole thing. having worked at one place my whole life – or so it seems.

quitting was one of the hardest things i’ve had to do. i spend more time here than i do at home. and more time with my colleagues than i do with my family.

there were even tears at some moment.

but NOTICE PERIOD. man it has its perks. if only someone had told me earlier {just kidding;)}

going to list down just a few here…

1) time to BLOG more often. lets just say i have enough time to blog twice a day though sadly, just not enough content

2) It’s just like how work used to be MINUS the stress and minus the work ;). stress wasn’t working too well for A and I.

3) you’re still getting PAID. and boy do i need it the MOST now with so many wedding expenses.

4) mid – work lunches!

5) 5 pm cookie runs to sweetish house mafia… and no one even notices {!}

6) spending those last few weeks with your colleagues. i’m going to MISS them {no i’m not being sarcastic}

7) oh and last but not the least -  GAME OF THRONES. i’ve finally got down to watching it. never had the time to earlier. and now i FINALLY get what the craze was all about.

okay i’m going to stop here before someone from work reads this and i get fired {is it possible to get “fired” while serving notice period? i’m not sure about that. come back to me if you do know}


{#throwback to one of my very favorite moments with work colleagues at brussels, belgium}


the times, they are a-changin’


i have barely been posting here on bluebay these days. and i feel horrible about it.

have missed this space more than I’d like to admit.

so OMI’s cheerleader has been one of my favorite songs this month. the catch line it goes like this “O i think i’ve found my self a cheerleader, she’s always there when i need her”

it makes me realise how important it is to be your husband’s/ partner’s/ fiance’s/ bf’s biggest cheerleader. this song’s a good reminder because SO very often i forget, in spite of knowing it’s whats most important in any relationship. not that i’m knowledgeable enough to give relationship advice. but if i had to give any… this would be IT.

be his BIGGEST cheerleader and you’ve got your self a life long relationship ;)

on a different note – times are changing WAY too much around here. hence the sporadic blogging.

for starters we get married in 2 months. TWO. close

and then I change my house. my home. my family {well kinda} and my JOB.

Saloni’s leaving town tonite! the country actually. to move to -  guess where??? the place that has taken away all my other loved ones :( a.k.a. the united states of america

last saturday was our last night out in the city with her (as a resident).

we went to aer and then to tryst. YES i still love tryst.

and i still love love MY friends. even after all these years. just AS much.

they seem to be my constant in these changing times.

that year


the wedding year.

it has GOT to be the most stressful yet memorable year of your life.

so much around you is changing or has changed already.

you’re ALWAYS stressed and/or arguing with your fiance about the guest list!

everyone’s attitude towards you changes over night {a.k.a. your boss. who blames every mistake in a document on your upcoming nuptials ;)}

your attitude towards everyone and everything changes a lot too….

so well, this is ‘that year’ for me and honestly in spite of all of the stress and ambiguity I’m enjoying every moment of it.

because i know that next year when i don’t have a guest list to argue about I am actually going to miss it.

p.s. if any one of you wishes to donate for the Nepal earthquake a friend of mine along with a few others is personally traveling to Nepal and providing on ground help and supplies to villages outside of Kathmandu. here’s their link.