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march madness



march has been mad. one mad month. it always is.

but this one’s particularly been filled with WAY too many work hours.

i haven’t been able to breath anything other than work.

really. i haven’t.

except for maybe those few days / hours i get on weekends {like the one above}

also i haven’t got to see A enough. not as much as i’d like too. that’s probably what’s getting me so crabby.

BUT it’s coming to an end soon.

and my office is more than making up for it ;)

so yay for that.

so it’s only a matter of time… before i can breathe again


sundays like these…

went swimming with the boys on sunday, though i ended up being the only one swimming.


this place is so beautiful. and so peaceful. it’s almost always empty. i swam all alone while the boys played squash. in the sun. but it was refreshing. and calming.


took a few pictures {a.k.a selfies}, since no one else was willing to take mine.


{i am glad that this will be the place where we will eventually get married. we’ve had SO many great days here. also, it’s beautiful}


we ended the night – attending a wedding at the new j.w.marriot. near the international airport.


i really liked the new hotel. and the wedding was fun too. so was the company;)

days like these make me look forward to starting this new phase of my life.

even though i will dearly miss living with my family in my home.

it’s all very exciting and frightening at the same time. but i still have more than enough time to prepare my self and turn the frightening + excitement to ONLY excitement.

happy monday!!


around here lately..

i’ve been MIA.

have become selfishly absorbed in my life. wedding preps. and dealing with difficulty of ‘the courtship period’


^^ we took this picture yesterday. at a baby shower. ^^

whoever said that those are the best days of a relationship?!? please call me and clarify.

also this whole wedding preps things makes me very self absorbed. which i don’t necessarily like.

i need to start being more active and present and involved in making others lives simpler too.


last week i finished reading the book open. it’s beautiful and gives you SO much to learn about. andre agassi’s life is more inspiring than i’d ever imagined.

in other news..there was a death in my extended family last week. my fiance taught me how important it is to be there for someone in their hard times as opposed to being there for them during their good times ONLY.

i didn’t realise the importance of those words till i noticed how much he was there for my family during our rough times this past week. i’m very grateful and lucky. {but i’ve already said that too many times before…}

work too is tough this month. it’s always the hardest during february. just before year end. when promotions and bonuses are to be declared soon. everyone’s so nervous. and slightly more competitive than usual. do you feel that way too?? or is it all just a figment of my imagination? not sure about that and on that note..

happy monday!!




we fight a LOT. more often than we should be.

but we make up fast. more because after a few hours of not talking we start to miss each other.

we like different things.

he likes movies and staying in on saturday nights. i like clubs/ bars and staying OUT on saturday nights.

we are yet to reach a midway solution.

we spend WAY to much time together.

and then there are times when i get bored of him or he gets bored of me.

But i think it’s safe to say that we’re happy.

and that’s whats most important right??

things i need to follow in 2015 starting from this picture right below >>>


1) stay fit, stay healthy.  hit the gym more often. cut down or STOP my diet coke consumption {oaky, that also applies to my fried food consumption ;p}

2) be positive. more often that i am. practice being grateful every single day. look for the good in things and in people.

3) work harder. stay goal oriented. strive to be better at what i do. aim high. and surround my self with people that inspire and motivate me.

4) read more. about the world. about the calamities that other countries are facing {it’s surprising how little i know about so many problems facing humanity today} it keeps you grounded and makes you want to work towards making the world a nicer place to live in.

5) learn how to drive {about time right?}

6) be nicer to people. go out of your way for people whenever you can. travel as much as you can. meet new people. learn about their life and their stories. blog more often. capture my experiences. in words and in pictures.

**secret santa 2014**


^^i totally agree with what’s mentioned above …..

..but i will not pretend that i wasn’t super happy when i received my secret santa gift this year.


^ ^diet coke cans in a plastic chanel bag. so appropriate ;) what was even more special about it was that it was given to me by the office computer guy. my office has become like a small family now. everybody seems to know EVERYthing about everyone. it’s the CUTEST.^^

also …..


ummm hello my favorite month of the year!

i hope you live up to my sky high expectations.

{like you almost always do}

i’ve decided and promised myself to make each and every day this month a special one.

happy december guys! xoxo

quarter-life crisis

read this really good article on 25 things you should know by the time you turn 25 and i think it’s a pretty cool article…

few of my favorite lines from the article -

On being happy – “I thought I needed certain things to be happy. I eventually learned that we are the catalyst of our own happiness and it’s much easier to be happy than bitter

On protecting your dreams – “Don’t let anyone tell you your dream isn’t possible. People who are too scared to chase their own dreams will try to crush yours

On being confident – “Confidence is the key to becoming successful at pretty much anything in life

On failing – “If you really want something, you have to be willing to fail to get it

On traveling – “I don’t travel nearly as much as I’d like to, but every time I do, I make memories that I won’t soon forget and learn something about the place I visit, as well as about myself

On taking risks – “The biggest risk you can ever take is not taking any risks. Take risks while you’re young because as you get older and obtain more responsibilities, taking risks will become more, well, risky

and On family – “Your friends and family are everything. When everything else fails, your family will have your back

so much to learn from this.

that which makes me mental and that which keeps me sane


^^  photo taken a few weeks ago at murbad. it was v candid {as you can see} and even though i look super zoned out… i love it. ^^^

on making decisions…


i’m at this stage of my life where a whole lot my future depends on the decisions i make now.

we all come across those times once in a few years. too many of those kind of decisions for me this year alone

first i decided who i wanted to spend the rest of my life with {and you’d think that would be enough for the year right?? decade even} and now it’s a different kind of decision.

SO often i’m overwhelmed by how successful and ambitious people around me are. it’s pretty great actually. this city gives me something to be inspired about every other day.

so much so that so often i feel what i’m doing is not enough. that i need to work harder. do more. to not be too complacent.

but it just works me up more. and i get even less done. SO i’ve decided to go easy on my self.

and realise that no decision is right or wrong. we’re all different people and good in our own way.

and luckily i’m surrounded by the BEST KIND of support system.

people who’d be happy with whatever decision i make for myself.

sometimes when i’m having a very un-productive day at work…

i go through the different impressive profiles at linkedin and feel very bad about my self and my achievements {or lack thereof}..

maybe i do this to motivate myself and to push myself harder.

and maybe that doesn’t really work.

because 15 minutes after i finish feeling bad about myself i go right back to pinterest and check out food pictures. and make myself hungry.

i mean look at this one!?


now i can’t wait to have a party at home. i need to have this tray ready for my guests. no really! cool is this??

have listened to this song 2341 times today.

or 13. something like that

canNOT get the song out of my head.

it’s not the latest, i’m aware..i’m a bit late catching up with popular songs but when i do, i fall hard.