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ellipses (saturday brunch edition)

diwali was a lot of fun this year. it felt much more festive than usual. my sister’s in the city and that may have had a lot to do with it.

plus this year A gave me a diwali gift. and got one for my mum too. which was cute because we don’t really do diwali gifts at my house. suddenly with just one day to go, i was left thinking about what i should give him.

so on new years day i went to three different shops all over town looking for the FIFA15. because that’s one game i knew he really wanted {he’s a play station fan} but unfortunately it wasn’t available in any of the stores. {which was great because later when i told him he said his play station wasn’t working anymore, see there’s always a reason why things don’t work. we just don’t SEE it then ;)}

so then i settled for the next best thing on his list of favorites: FOOD!

we went to ellipses on saturday for brunch. as we had heard so much about their brunch menu {my previous post on ellipses here}


^^ he had the animal burger {which is a double patty beef burger} and he claimed that it was the best they serve in town^^


^^ ever since i watched the movie chef  i’ve been wanting to eat grilled cheese. so that’s what i ordered. and it was melt in your mouth good. without being too cheesy or boring. it was perfect ^^


^^ we shared the chicken tacos. which were soft tacos and really juicy and delicious.^^



^^ after we met with the chef {who is adorably sweet} and he suggested these deserts c/o ellipses. we loved both the chocolate chip pancakes and the parmesan cheesecake and even though i’m not too much of a desert person i finished my pancake entirely in a few minutes ^^

so all in all it ended up being a great idea for a diwali gift.


we tried out the newly opened burmese restaurant, burma burma, at fort the other night.

up until then the only burmese dish i had ever tasted was the khauswey.

which was as good as burma burma as any other khauswey i’ve ever had.

but a shout out to the samosa soup and the mushroom steamed buns!

they were absolutely delish-ous. we finished ours in a matter of few minutes.


^^ we loved the decor. it’s so well done. almost like you’re in burma ^^


^^ this is how they served our khauswey, it was already prepared. i liked that. sometimes i get lazy making my own bowl, also i’m not always correct about my proportions ^^



^^ the mushroom steamed buns ^^

things are a bit dull lately

because really ALL work and NO play, makes jack a dull boy.

and that’s STILL applicable today.

yep…. work still sucking.

Generation Y + some other good reads


this article about why generation Y is unhappy got me thinking. it’s way accurate. don’t you think so too?

i love the writing style too.

also this new york times article made me realise how important it is to pray for others.


and last but not the least this commencement speech by J.K. Rowling always motivates me when i’m inspiration-ally drained out.


also it’s friday! my favorite day of the week. and my twin comes to India this weekend for a holiday.

and we all leave for goa next weekend for another fun wedding. can’t wait for the good times ahead!

some thoughts


i find my self spending so much of time worrying about what others think. my work colleagues, the partners, seniors, friends, parents and just about every one connected to me in some way or the other. it’s embarrassing how much importance i give it on occasions. when i shouldn’t be.

it consumes me. distracts me. and gets me to over think everything. which sometimes makes things worse than what it might have been

or is.

but then a wise  person told me that “the greatest prison people live in is the fear of what other people think

and yes. that quotes going to go up on my desk.

couldn’t agree more. and i like to practise what i preach. so that’s there.

just when things were getting a bit dull around here ..

i mean i had almost forgotten it’s december.

and just then on a tuesday afternoon at 3 pm jinal called me while i was at work and told me this beautiful thing.

her boy friend of 10 years, sahil, proposed to her. on a horse cart {a.k.a ghoda gadi}. at marine drive.

he called her down her office during lunch break and she went down to see him in a horse cart. the fancy one.

and then he told her to get on to it. and took her to marine drive and there in front of so many people and under the scorching sun he went on his knees and proposed to her with the most beautiful ring. and flowers. and a speech. and she has tears in her eyes. or so she told me.

but i would too. and if there’s one thing i can say about this is that she deserves this. they deserve this. they are the cutest, most fun loving, crazy and dedicated couple i know and i can’t imagine them ever not being happy with each other.

congratulations jinal and sahil. may you’ll be happy forever xoxoxo


^^ that’s the couple at their engagement ceremony this sunday at apicius ^^


^^ how pretty is the bride to be looking??^^



sunday in pictures.

it was one of those sundays. the one’s that satisfy you enough to go back into work week and as it to bring it on with a smile on your face

and then it’s sundays like these that we all live for anyway right???


^^^ had breakfast at m.c.a.and breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. but then you already know that ;)^^^


^^ and then lunch at ping pong. somehow, all my favorite days have a lot to do with food. and yes those are steamed edameme beans. we’re going healthy {if you ignore the desert, the pictures of which, by the way, i conveniently have not uploaded} ^^^



and then watched in her shoes, while in bed. here’s a link from the movie that makes me teary every time i watch it.

and then ended the day watching rush at p.v.r. {such a good movie. so inspiring. perfect for a sunday evening. loved the lines they end the movie with}

it was relaxing. calm after the storm of a week.

so………next stop : dubai :o :)

this is amazing

just came across this short film (it’s only 7 minutes but the best seven minutes of my week yet) through an office colleague and fell in love with it. and if you can’t get through the video there then here’s the you tube link.

i have watched it thrice since yesterday and considering how much pending work i have to get done with to keep from it spilling over to the weekend …. that’s a whole lot of time.


because a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor

i seem to have switched on the anxiety button in my brain somehow and cannot figure a way to switch it off.

but it will happen on its own. soon. i can feel it. gratitude has a way of curing almost all my problems. actually make that everyone’s problems.

also if things go well with the UAE visa department i will be on a plane to dubai next thursday. for a much needed 3 day vacation. with great company. what more could i ask for??


^^ saturday night, that just went by, we had a family dinner since my bro in law is in town. and my little sister (who’s all grown up now) made us tiramisu from scratch. that girl, she’s a soon to be famous pastry chef. i can tell ^^^

still hope

this week has been one of my hardest work weeks, since my three years of working here post grad {i’m talking 15 hour days consecutively and a whole lot of not so pleasant emails from my many bosses}

i am tired and sleepy. and some more tired.

BUT …. it’s almost friday and things are looking up. and today when i was passing by the juice and sandwich shop i was telling you about i saw something that made me smile.

and this difficult week seemed good. and there was still some hope. well at least for that moment.



^^ ta da! the menu i made for the them .. laminated et all, put up by the old man who owns the shop {he looked so confused when i gave it to him that i almost thought he’d throw it in the bin}  but i was wrong. little did i know. and yes of course it has to be neon.  i mean what better way to do attract new customers than with neon, right??^^



^^ see the transformation?…just incase you under estimated my document making skills. not bad eh?^^

leap of faith

Accept that there will be whole swaths of you that will always seem like a mystery. There will be things that may never make sense. There will be questions that may always go unanswered. Despite this, you must stop questioning the steady sense of knowing your body somehow delivers to you anyway. Even when logic would seem to defeat it, and your mind is combating it furiously. That knowing is your truth. That knowing is what you have to act on without sound reason. We call this the leap of faith. Learn to take it

i love this. i believe in intuition too. somethings just seem right, while others don’t. and it might make little sense logically. but somehow you can just tell. it’s a vibe. it’s a comfort you feel from within. we should all recognize it and follow it. without questioning it.

read the whole article here.

and also read this. don’t get deceived by the title. it’s beautifully written. so much so that it gave me goosebumps.


^^^ this picture has no connection to the post. but my brother in law is in town and since he’s a pretty cool guy and one of the smarter people out there in the world, he deserves his picture to be up on the blog^^

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that time of the year

october is here *exclamation*

I don’t know about you but the last three months of the year are by far my favorite.  there’s just some magic ingredient in the bombay air. there’s diwali, christmas and of course the weddings. how I love the wedding season

we kicked of our wedding season last night at pratiks engagement at itc maratha. finally got to meet all my friends under one roof after what seems like forever. and we live in the same city.

when I say under one roof I mean that in the most literal way. we were 25 odd people huddled in room no. 1147 because you know us ornery people were just trying to avoid the actual function. just kidding. not :)}

at some point i was clustrophobic but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2013 I might still love you. please bring your A game. because nothing else will do ;)

{i may have forgotten to take pictures of the to be bride and groom. how vain of me.}