atleast in sofitel at bandra kurla complex…i love that hotel .it is so cute. and they have the best service. atleast from my experience.which is probably not that much.

check out their xmas tree, i love how its white. it made me happy. and i wasn’t there for fun. had back to back 12 hour meetings. it’s hard to work when there’s a christmas tree in sight. don’t you agree?


SO .. yea so i do see the pattern here. my blog may make it seem that i never work. BUT that is far away from the truth. i still do have 12 hour workdays which some times go upto 14 even. and i still am a corporate lawyer.

it’s just that my work isn’t cool enough to blog about.

not that work isn’t fun for me but i’m pretty sure not everyone would want to read about which contracts i vetted today. it may/ definitely put you to sleep.

i think.



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