college wars

on sunday we went to an event sponsored by accessed and orange tie events called college wars at irish house, kala ghoda.

it was basically teams of 4 or 5, each team representing a college where the members had once studied in, all playing against each other in a series of games all pre – organised.

it was fun and different. some of the games were donut eating {in which -considering how ‘health conscious’ my team members are -we dint event participate. lame!}, beer pong, flip cup, trivia and paper airplane making.

our team lost. NYU stern alumni won. we did manage to win one of the events though.

i also managed to take a few hazy pictures. Since there was so much commotion. i love such events. you get to meet all these people that you dint know even existed. and it makes you re-think about how small the world really is.

in other things..

my TTD for this month : Re watch the entire Veronica Mars season 1 to 3, because the new Veronica Mars movie is coming out soon. Can’t wait!! i you haven’t seen it already then there’s a lot you’ve missed out on.

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