day 1 and working on my new year resolutions already

yesterday we stayed in doors all day. at jinal’s house. it was a lazy kinda day. all we wanted to do was eat, sleep, watch a show and repeat.

and then while we were in the middle of that cycle we decided to work on our new year resolutions.

so when a few of our friends came over. we cooked.


to be honest … he cooked.

we just ate. but i watched. very carefully. so that counts. right?

and since i love pasta so much we decided to perfect that one first.


^^and it turned out very well. but you knew that already^^

2014 is starting of so well. i have a good feeling about this year. trust me.

happy 2014 !!! xoxo

recipe : saute some chopped red onions (2) and garlic (3 cloves) in ghee and butter for a few minutes, till cooked. add some chopped tomatoes (2). sprinkle some chilli flakes, oregano {if you have fresh herbs even better} and salt. add a little water to make it into a sauce. after a bit, add some cream {tip: if you don’t have fresh cream (we dint) take a little milk in a cup and add butter and heat it in the microwave for a minute. that will do the trick} and some grated cheese.

boil the pasta in water and  a small slab of butter. when cooked add the pasta to the sause.

mix well and sprinkle some more cheese and freshly ground pepper for garnish. and voila! you have just made yourself some very delicious pasta.

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