day 2 + birthday celebrations

Day 2


may have been one of my favorites in this trip. but then they all were SO good it’s hard to decide.

we went to the saturday flea market¬† located at the bull ring in andalucia a 1 minute walk from the puerto banus marina. it’s one of the largest fleas in the marbella district and bought some great stuff. there we had ‘saloni’s favorite meal’ of the trip at Mr. Noodles. we bumped into this restaurant while we were walking back from the flea and were tired and hungry. we dint expect the food to be that good. we had pad thai noodles and the thai chicken caesar salad with banana milkshake.

after that, to think of it, banana milkshake was pretty much our staple drink for the rest of the vacation.



in the evening we decided to explore the marina area further away from our apartment. this is when we happened upon plaza beach club and then finally the ocean beach club. it’s amazing how you end up in the best places while you’re randomly exploring the city. ocean beach was hands down one of our favorite places in spain.

the vibe was just so great. people were dancing, swimming, lying under the sun, watching the FIFA match and just having a great time. we only left the place once it shut and they practically made us leave.

we brought in my birthday at home sitting in our apartment hall overlooking the marina.

later into the night we tried out a few night clubs; olivia valerie, pangea {which we’ve heard is supposed to be amazing but was shut by the time we got there} and then tibu but dint really end up hanging there for long as we were all So tired from the day.






^^ seeing these pictures again makes me want to be there sipping a fruit drink, chilling by the poolside instead of at my office desk in front of my laptop. i don’t mean to sound ungrateful though because trust me i am anything BUT.^^

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