delhi (again)

last thursday we took a short trip to delhi. a work trip.

it was a 7 am flight so we got up pretty early. for the next three days we spent all morning and evenings and nights at meetings.

but i have a nice boss.

i told him how much i’d like to try out the delhi street food and how i’d missed on doing that the last time i went to delhi.

so one of the days.. when we were done by 9.30 pm {instead of the usual odd hours beyond midnight} he, another colleague and i tried out a dhaba nearby to our hotel {hotel suryaa. we went to new friend’s colony market which has a lot of out door places where you get great street food}

we had momos, black dal, jeera rice and paranthas. it was everything i’d been wanting to eat. and it such a good meal.

and to top that the weather in delhi was perfect outdoor weather. slightly chilly but not too cold.

most office/ work trips involve way too many hours of work for my liking. but meals like these and outings like these {no matter how short they are} are moments you remember the most when you look back. and somehow makes it all worth it.




^^ the shadow is of my hands. freaky, i know. but i had to get a picture of the food in here^^

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