dessert issues

last night just when i was losing my mind – no seriously – like literally losing it, because that’s how i feel after working an entire weekend day and night..

saloni called me and asked me whether i want to go grab some dessert { i think it was god right there trying to make things easier for me.. because really how could she know that it was exactly what i wanted at that very moment??}

we went to indigo deli at 11 pm.

we couldn’t reach a consensus on what dessert to order that we asked the waiter to get whichever he wanted and to surprise us {do people really do that? apparently she does!}

they got us this >>


it was nice.

but not nearly as nice as i have imagined the donut sundae to be at social.

we missed ordering it the other day and really…t’s been on my mind ever since.

will keep you updated, i will be going out for this space about it… because that’s really the most important information you will be getting all week ;)

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