this is the rangoli my receptionist Ankita made during diwali last year. how talented is she?? i wonder what she’ll come up with this year.

reasons i love this festival more than any other:

(1) the pretty lit lanterns ..hanging from most houses around my area. Or let’s make that most houses in Mumbai !

(2) the card parties..or just the diwali parties in general. although i don’t really know how to play cards ;) .. i love watching though

(3) crackers bursting in the night… the view of the crackers from my window . uh-ma-zing

(4) the food!

(5) and… just the happy vibe in the air :)

love it all….. <3 too bad i won’t be in mumbai to experience it this year :(


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  1. Arjun
    November 11, 2012 at 3:17 am ·

    I miss india during diwali…

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